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    Would you support Bards as a Profession?

    There's been a few threads/polls lately about adding a bard class, but really if bards were added I'd much prefer to see it as an optional flavor profession.

    Could make instruments that functioned as trinkets that give group buffs and silly flavor items for fun... maybe learn lore via the flavor item ditties? I wonder what an "I Am Murloc!" trinket would do!

    I like the idea of bard as a sort of artisan prof that any race or class could pick up. As a class it would feel awkward and out of place in WoW to me, but as an optional profession? Everyone could have some fun with that and benefit from it. RPers and PvE/PvPers alike

    What do you think?

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    No, will probably cause some problems on PvP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuragalolz View Post
    No, will probably cause some problems on PvP.
    Engineering has many of its toys removed from competitive PvP, don't see how the Bard profession couldn't be similar.

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    No, I'd rather have Bard as a class. Spells with music sounds, floating notes, instrumental weaponry, buffing allies, debuffing enemies, two healing trees and one ranged dps tree. Hmm, want to have!
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    Bards? I just don't see the appeal. It is a lame idea having a "singing" class or profession.

    They fit Skyrim more than wow.

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    No I don't want bards as a profession. Even though I would love to see a bard class in wow I just don't think they will work. A bard works in FFXI because what classes you have in your group decide how your party engages in combat, in wow your class really does not effect how you act in combat, you still go through the same rotation and do the same thing no matter which class joins your party.

    I would much rather see demon hunter.

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    Personally, I'd be fine with bards being added or not. I'm not crazy invested one way or another. But if they *were* I just see it fitting better as a prof. I'm surprised so many people would rather see it as a class, honestly.

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    Being able to provide missing buffs/debuffs would be a nice addition (even in a weaker form like the 4% stats drums). Not sure if a new profession is the best way to do that though.

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    I could kind of see them as a profession. The bard class definitely has a place in RPG environments, but I don't think they'd fit in WoW because of game mechanics. I can't think of enough bard abilities to fill 3 talent trees and still be unique.

    The idea of bard as a profession sounds pretty good to me though. It could maybe be similar to archaeology....not a primary profession but a kind of secondary thing you can just do for fun.

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    I'd rather have them as a class than a profession. And only if they can render this melodious and heart-warming ditty as we charge into battle:

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    No, we don't need a Troubadix in WoW.

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    Id say better as a class than proff.
    But only if its done right, I really love the Rift bards.

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    I can see where it could be possible, but I still feel bards in general have no place in WoW, other games they make great but for this? ehh.
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    It must be a class. and for all the haters, I don't like your rogues, priests and monks and think they have no place in WoW.

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    Rift nailed the Bard perfectly. EQ1 had an excellent Bard as well, I don't see why Blizzard couldn't do it. Besides, Pandas were an April Fools joke. Bards were an April Fools joke. Pandas became a real thing in WoW. Bards.... ?

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