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    Wow keeps reloading when i minimize/max out

    hey my wow window keeps reloading every time i minimize or max it out again it was fine yesterday but now it started again (it has happend b4 aswell) cant think of any changes i made although my wow window is a little smaller now when i minimize it then it was b4 no idea why. And since i use a mac windowed screen isnt really an option since then the window is too small to play with

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    I can help you! I had the same problem, and found the solution in one of the official forum posts:

    EDIT: Workaround:
    While windowed, go to video options and change you resolution to something else (mine said 1920x1200 wide even though I was windowed, so I chose the next smallest).
    Change resolution back.
    You should now be able to cmd-m back and forth.
    However if you resize the window manually at any point, it will break again and cmd-m will force a reload.
    EDIT 2: This last bit only happens if you resize the window small enough. Problem solved!
    Source: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/to...0082077?page=2

    It worked for me twice, I hope it fixes it for you too!

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    thaanks! ^^

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