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    Jewelcrafting help

    Hi guys, I recently leveled JC to 600, and I have been doing the "shuffle" for sometime and I find it really nice for money, i just cut blue gems with transmutation for PRIMAL DIAMONDS, and DE greens with enchanting and make some nice enchants. I got in 2 days 6k which is pretty good for me.
    My question is, Should I make gems with JC and sell them? I find this not giving a really good profit and I don't have much recipes (not talking about meta).
    Thanks guys for the help. this forum is great and I get lots of nice feedback
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    Honestly on my server the JC market is DEAD. I can usually come out ahead after a shuffle, but the time it takes for the return is just not worth it. I can be sitting on gems unable to sell them for days.

    Cut gems are even worse, you really need to micro-manage them (like glyphs) and they often sell less than the raws due to deep undercutting. I know for my own characters I just cut green gems for the perfect procs instead of using the blues as it works out cheaper. If enough people are doing this it would explain why the markets crashing/crashed.

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    1st thing you need to tell us your server and fraction or no one can give you an answer. By chance someone from your server who is good on ah might give you an answer. Comments from other server who has no idea about your server doesnt count. More jc means more suply and less demand which can lower the prize. Less JC can cause product to reach the prize cealing and increase demands making it a worthy profession.

    The vallue differ depending on the population so the prize also changes per server. You can try addon like example auctioner and you can clearly monitor the prizzes and know the answer yourself.

    I gues being a BA major in marketing works on world of warcraft. LoL I got the worst english though..not my main anyway.

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