Big Deal has an opening for the following to join us for 10 man progression raiding:

Holy Paladin
Frost Death Knight

Applicants should not only be exceptional players but mature and individually motivated (age 20+ required). We expect players to be familiar with multiple specs of their class and be willing to switch on a per encounter basis.

6/6H MV
6/6H HoF
2/4H TES

<Big Deal> was formed in November of 2010 and achieved realm first Heroic kills of Sinestra, Ragnaros, and Deathwing. We have maintained our status as Lothar's preeminent raiding guild in the new expansion as we continue to strengthen our roster and improve our ranks.

Tues, Wed, Thurs, Mon: 8:30pm-12am EST

Please only apply if you can reliably put in all the time listed above, as we require near perfect attendance and commitment, since we run a small roster to ensure each player gets maximum playing time and to prevent spreading loot too thin. We don't recruit for bench positions, but this means each member must make nearly all raids.

The guild environment has always been extremely relaxed and drama-free. We select people not only for their performance, but for how well they fit in with the existing members of the guild.

If you are interested, please contact me (nevred#1558), post in this thread, or submit an application at bigdeal dot wowstead dot com.