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    As a tank.
    -Healers sitting around 90% mana throughout a fight and remaining content if the group is around 50% health.
    -People who have mobs (notice how it is plural) on them...and decide not to run to me so I can pick them up...but run away from me so I have to chase those mobs of theirs if my taunts are off.
    -People who yell at me for going slow.
    -People who yell at me for going fast.
    -People who need on greens.
    As a healer
    -People who step out of my power word barrier or healing rain.
    -People who LOS me.
    -People who pull a pack in the back that we skipped while the tank is already starting on the pack in front that we can't skip. Thus I have to run back and forth healing 2 groups from 2 packs.

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    Hunters who wont turn their pet's growl off, and Death Knights who don't take the deathgrip glyph so it doesn't taunt.
    People who run away when they get aggro.

    Idiots who stand in fire and then blame the healer when they die.
    Tanks that pull sooooo slowly.

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    What grind my gear while tanking/healing

    Enter group and some morrons start pulling before I respec
    Enter the group in the middle of a fight and people starting to insult me and they think I'm bad ( did not have time to respec)
    Those full BoA dude with the attitude *Ok Guys, I'm in charge here*
    When I see a pally with a one hand and a shiled and he's DPS

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    Tanking; Hunters in general. Take you damn pets off growl. And healers that let me bob around 40% health and have 99% of their mana. And DPS that focus a mob that I'm not even tanking.

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    Slow tanks.

    Bad players with good gear acting god-like over say, an alt of a good player but with bad gear.

    Healers that ask for Mana breaks at like 80% mana. Just take a god damn drink, you've got enough time in-between pulls to never go oom.

    Tanks that get bitchy whenever, as the healer, I pull faster. I can understand if i do it as the DPS - But doing it as a healer should be a serious wake up call saying "Hurry the fuck up, I've got this don't worry - Pull as fast as u want".

    People that feel like they have to go over the tactics for every boss - I may be coming across as elitist but w/e WoW isn't that hard, especially in heroics. Don't mind if someone asks for it, but I don't want to spend 5 mins before a boss going over tactics.

    Tanks that feel like they have the group by their balls and if they don't do what they say, they'll leave. Tanks aren't even fucking necessary; I just vote kick them once they start getting bitchy or refuse to pull etc.

    Don't get me wrong, i'm a friendly helpful person in heroics - But when my intention is to bring the skills that I have learnt from experience into a heroic and to clear it as quickly and efficiently as possible - Yet people complain at me for doing their job (even if it makes it easier for them) - They can get fucked. (I'm not saying ninja pulling or w/e is a good thing, I'm saying it's situationally a good thing).

    Quite frankly, i've almost never been bitched at in a dungeon. And most of the times I have it has legitimately been my fault; all these posts about people standing in fire then blaming the healer or w/e - It's bloody healable O.o I mean unless the tank is in greens, pulls 5 mobs and everyone is standing in their own little pool of shit; Nobody should be dying, typical pools on the ground in a heroic tick for idk - 60k/2s? Don't need high end gear for that. I mean as a tank or healer, you ultimately decide how good the group is going to do. Sure, DPS help a lot too - But if you have a terrible tank/healer you're not really going anywhere... jk, a mage could probably solo every heroic. Every class could. TL;DR Stop bitching and just get on with it, if you're being moaned at it's probably your fault. PROBABLY.
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    I don't think I'll ever tank again outside of solo shit, I tanked a lot during Wrath and Cata, and I saw some amazing shit happen. For example, during late Wrath the ret pallly in my LFD group complained about how slow it was going like 3 seconds after we zoned in and he started pulling instead of taking it personally I watched him tank and literally /sat down next to him. He finally died and left the group in a rage and we finished up the whole instance in like 10 minutes. Still, shit like that builds up over time, and I'd just rather eat the 10 minute queue timer as a dps, which my main is anyways, than have to deal with that shit.

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