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    What's the minimum amount of spirit do you think you could run with for 25 heroics?

    So I just started experimenting a bit. I used to run a bit more spirit, perhaps 500-600 more. I'm currently at exactly 10008 spirit fully unbuffed BUT. I'm running 22% on harmony fully unbuffed. And my raid also runs 2 resto shamans and 1 priest. Prior to the changes, I was beating classes as far as hps goes that I probably shouldn't like shamans and monks so not sure if the experimentation will yield me even better results or what. What do you think?

    Edit: Also. Prior to the change I didn't have any big mana issues on most fights despite the fact that i'm a very aggressive healer and mana management isn't usually at the back of my mind.

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    I run with 8k spirit currently 13/16 25HC

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    8.5k 11/16hc. 2 Int Trinkets with Spr procs.


    is something I read that made me think outside the norm on this topic.

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    My guild is at 11HM/16 (R25), i've done 8 of them in a pretty good spot on WoL (usual comp is 1 resto druid, 1 holy paladin, 1 disc, 1 hpriest or monk, 2 resto shaman).

    I run 5k8 spirit, 3043 haste cap, 23% harmony and 16% crit. less spirit offers more troughput, just need to carefully use your spell.

    sorry for bad english.

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    i am running heroics with less then 3K spirit and i dont have a problem with it,
    (but i am feral)

    This is obviously a resto question. Infracted.
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