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    Frost PVP

    Hey guys. So a few days ago I went ahead and started to play around with my DK in some world PVP. Granted my PVP experience on my DK in MoP is pretty limited but it felt pretty clunky. To the point of not being all that enjoyable. Am I the only one that feels this way? I have seen some posts from other PVP DKs and they seem to do well but do you guys see issues with pvp as well?
    As far as PVE goes I love 2H frost currently. Great burst and just fun!
    Will 5.2 bring back unholy PVP or do you all think PVP we remain as is? OR if you don't agree with me let me know. I like to hear others from the other side of the fence.

    PS. I have some pvp gear but could also be doing it all wrong.

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    Frost is a glass cannon with burst. You will die quickly and you only chance is to gem resil instead of power (thus cutting your glass cannon a bit). If you really want to get a leg up, go Unholy, gem resil and run in blood presence. Unholy suffers no real change to their damage when using blood presence, unlike frost.

    A lot of it is gear, of course. When I started out at about 50% def, I died a lot. I die far less often at 64%.

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