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    Tabard of Frost with a 1h and shield for a paladin. Human Male please, thanks.
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    Something to fit more then my current set, if any. :\

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    Quote Originally Posted by salnjoffy View Post
    Human female paladin using a mining pick xmog for my 2h axe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gronch View Post
    arent there already a ton of treads ( class specific )
    There are a few mog threads where people ask for help, and some rating threads, but not a place where everyone can come and ask for help.

    Unless I totally missed it <.<

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    Go on then, I'm curious what you can come up with.

    Theme a set around this:

    For a female Draenei if you would

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mjumnito View Post
    Love the first and fourth one. Any chance of a screen with the piece names?

    or the mogit chat link for those 2 would even work, might save time too

    Hope those work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valarius View Post
    Go on then, I'm curious what you can come up with.

    Theme a set around this:

    For a female Draenei if you would
    Paladin, shaman, warrior?

    Also, might be slowing down a bit! Gonna try and get some more of these down tonight. If others are feeling creative or want to help, have at it.

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    Oops, Paladin :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drakesong View Post
    Can i ask the name of the boots the fire paladins are wearing?
    1-3: Abyssal Plate Greaves
    4-5: Sollerets of Instability
    6: Hyperion Greaves

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    Can someone please dress up their male blood elf or human mage in a tuxedo w/ sunglasses then cast mirror images and emote "Hello Mr. Anderson" and take a screenshot? kthnxbai

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willas View Post
    Would love to see a Male Night Elf Resto druid set (green or purple for the colour) with a Staff.

    Thanks. (Great sets so far, especially the tabard of flame one).
    What about this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aettis View Post

    Hope those work.
    worked, thanks
    Quote Originally Posted by Domiku View Post
    p.s. i want to see Sylvanas take a pounding.
    Quote Originally Posted by Olianda View Post
    This could NEVER be taken the wrong way. ._.

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    Would like to build a good blue set for my Monk, trying to base the mog off of
    At the moment this is my current transmog
    I liked it when i was a tauren, but now that im human i feel it doesnt go very well with the race.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valarius View Post
    Go on then, I'm curious what you can come up with.

    Theme a set around this:

    For a female Draenei if you would
    t3 would look great with that shield, but unless you can get the gear of the BMAH than no chance to get it

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    darker red

    Monkish that looks ok on a Male Dreanei
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    Quote Originally Posted by moomin1987 View Post
    I will be changing me Night Elf Warrior back to an Orc after many years and would like to build a set in tribute to Saurfang using the Might T1 set and some form of Horde / Orgrimmar tabard. I will be using a 2H axe or sword as Arms. The thing is I don't quite like the legs (too much blue) so was looking for an alternative that matches and I also won't have access to the HWL axe for transmog either. Basically I'm looking to make a tribute transmog of what he may look like if his model was updated a bit with some of the newer transmog items available. Thanks in advance if anyone can help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aettis View Post
    First one looks fantastic, nice job
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    My warrior in RP gear, hope they add plate helm like that so i can transmog that :]
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    Quote Originally Posted by PSTBranko View Post

    My warrior in RP gear, hope they add plate helm like that so i can transmog that :]
    Very nice set, but this thread is for transmog requests! If you're looking for help making/completing a set, or want me to make one for ya, this is place. Otherwise, the other thread(Rate My Transmog something something) is the place to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    Can you find me Fel and Fire themed gear sets for my pandaren monk? Also fel/flaming weapons: one handed swords and fist weapons. Helmet must cover whole head.

    With fel i mean glowing green stuff

    Not a lot of glowing green swords/fist weapons, tried though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vellerix View Post
    First one looks fantastic, nice job
    Cowl of Malefic Repose
    Conq Deathbringer Shoulders
    Conq Deathbringer Robe
    Mystic's Gloves
    Belt of Arcane Storms
    Woolen Boots
    Staff of Infinite Mysteries

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    Alright. I'll bite.

    I have a Fem Night Elf Warrior. Looking for a Northrend-ish transmog set (Frost/Cold theme). Basically I want it centralized around "Slayer of the Lifeless" and "The Skull of Ruin" (can't link, sorry)

    Also if you could find a 2H, that would be awesome as well. Thanks in advance!

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    i would like a beast master set for a male orc hunter.

    i got this so far

    but im not that happy with it.

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    I had the same idea as your "golden miner" pally mog for my goblin, although he's wielding that clockwork mace from MC i forgot the name atm.. He's got the "golden pelt" trinket (from rare mob in towlong steppes), so he sparkles.. it looks even more bling

    I'm looking for an "adventurer" look for my pandaren monk, although the mogs proposed on front page are awesome, could you come up with something nice ? No restrictions, although I don't xp this character much and he's lvl60 atm (he's for roleplay exclusively), so items from outland/northrend xp would be perfect
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