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    How much of your family are you in regular contact with?

    I got thinking about this today when I was talking to my friend. He doesn't really talk to any of his family, save from his Mum and Dad, and even then, not very often. He doesn't speak to his Sister at all due to an argument years back, and he doesn't even know if any of his extended family are even alive any more (Aunts, Uncle Ect.)

    This is quite strange for me, because I've always been very close to almost my entire family, I see my cousins, aunts and uncles often, and luckily I still have grand parents that are able to recieve visitors almost every week. I have quite a large family and I can't really think of anybody I haven't seen less than once every year.

    When I think about it, I actually know quite a few people who just really don't see anyone beyond their parents and siblings, and maybe not even that.

    What are your thoughts on this?
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    I have daily contact with mother, father and sister. Not any contact (except for happy birthday on facebook) with relatives.

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    1 and only 1. I really don't feel the need. I know people find it appalling but I choose my friends I didn't choose my family. I don't agree to this idea that because chance and genetics binds us that I should be forced to put up with them.

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    Weekly emails, probably 4-5 pages of text to my family back home. Apart from that.. I really can't afford to go back and see them regularly.
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    I never talk to my dad or his side of the family (apparently 12+ cousins and 3 uncles and an aunt), but that's due to him being a drugged out hippie who's greatest achievement is being able to find money for drugs... lol

    On my mothers side I really only talk to her and my cousin who's around my age, since we share groups of friends etc. I have some step-siblings I haven't seen in years, along with a step-dad.

    People always react when I tell them this lol. Seems everybody else lives in the ideal family...

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    I see my immediate family pretty often, but have only seen my extended family a few times in my life due to them being on another continent. I do have an aunt & uncle in the same town but I've never spoken to them either because of some old family feud from when I was an toddler, essentially they are strangers and from what I've heard of them not the kind of people I want anything to do with.

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    I see my mom, dad, and sister every day pretty much since I live with them.

    I see 2 of my uncles (And their families) fairly regularly at least once a month. My grandfather about once a month or more. And another uncle I see less often since he usually goes with his wife's family for holidays and what not. And my last uncle I hardly ever see, since he lives in Japan at the moment (He's Captain of one of the bases over there, navy.)
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    My dad calls me every 2-3 months to see how things are going.
    My mom calls me weekly, a lil too much for my liking but I know it makes her happy.
    My sis and I have the very odd conversation online or by phone, don't have much in common.
    My bro is in australia so a lil less often than my sis.

    We never were a really tight knit family we've pretty much just drifted appart doing our own things.

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    Parents are divorced, haven't heared a bit from my fathers side of the family except the anual invitation for a christmas dinner where me and my brother know 2 people. My mom remarried and that guy's family can't stand us either. Only people I'm hearing from are my grandparents who really care alot about me and I love them so much..

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    I see my family all the time..maybe as not as much as I would like too though. My younger sister is outside my bedroom right now yelling at some crackhead thats banging at our door right now. I live with her and her daughter. We all get a long great.

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    Pretty much all of them, it's not easy to date someone in my extended family let me tell you that, you just got +40 people that you need to learn to know

    Weddings tends to costs a lot to.... since everyone is expect to get invited + friends and partners family and friends. It adds up.

    So yeah, we are very tight, it comes down to the fact that all of the families in my extended family owns vacation homes/summer houses in the same area, so we've all spent our summers together and continue to do so more or less as we grow older. I plan on having my own summer house/vacation home built there eventually as well, it's a lovely place, got my plot ready and all.

    I don't spend nearly as much time there nowdays as I used to do when I was younger though, a week or so in the summer, and some time in the winter. My father and I hunt on our land as well, so I spend a couple of weekends there during hunting season as well. It's not that far from where I live, it's further up the coast, only takes about 1h 30 mins to drive(made it in 40 minutes one time though, was speeding like a fucking retard ;P).

    Proper clan like I tell you, not much family drama tbf, as long as you don't bring politics up, thats the thing that gets people going. But Family->all others. rofl

    "Road and water meetings" have a tendency to get out of control as well(we and the "outsiders" lol that have bought plots on our lands maintain the roads ourselfs). Same with water supplies. It's quite remote. And by maintain I mean we pay "member fees" and hire professionals, for water that is, roads are easy to sort out, there is a lot of different expertise in the family, DIY for life yo.

    But conflicts blow over faster then one can count to 10.

    I have coffee or lunch with my mother on a regular basis, I run into my father at Uni, since he is a professor at the insitution/department I'm at. And we have lunch etc regularly.

    Gfs sisters are close to me as well, and her parents to, her lil sis is sleeping over here at our appartment on a regular basis when she has been out partying, closer then going home.
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    When my parents passed away a few years ago, it pretty much tore the immediate family apart (we were all adults), but my brothers and sister were all about what they were getting out of it. One brothers wife did everything she could to drive a wedge even further between us. I haven't spoken to that brother in a good 5 years (not for lack of trying, he chooses to obey his wife) and the other brother I spoke with maybe 6 months ago, before that it was 4 years.

    My sister and I keep in contact via emails, we just started speaking again about 3 years ago, since then, it's been a weekly thing. Always catching up to what's going on with our respective families.

    As far as grandparents (I only have one remaining grandparent alive), she's in a nursing home, hasn't really had much to do with any of us for a long time now. Cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. Nope, haven't seen or spoke with them in more than 20 years. I've tried to make contact over the years, but nothing has ever come of it, other than receiving a few cards at Christmas time about 10 years ago.

    For the most part, the only family I speak with are my husband and my kids and of course my sister and her 2 kids. I talk to my mother in law about once a week and haven't seen my brothers and sis in laws in about 8 years. I choose not to go down that path with the husbands family (lots of crap going on with divorces, fights, etc and I would rather not have to be part of that).

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    My mom, brother and baby brother.

    The rest I rarely see though I like to see both my grandmas every now and then.
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    My entire family live in belfast, and the surrounding area. My mother and father moved away due to the troubles and three years after i was conceived he ditched her and she raised me as a single mother with 2 other kids, i have strained relationships with my mother, brother and sister and my mothers side of the family due to there religious beliefs and frankly cant stand my grand parents/ cousins ect. I also have no contact whatsoever with my father or his side of the family and me moving to the area of belfast they last lived in is 0 chance.

    So its a shame that we dont get on, i've lived on my own advice mostly and never had a brotherly or sisterly relationship (my brother is autistic and can be prone to very violent fits, hes 6.2 btw so restraining him is hard for me since im 6 ) And my sister sides with my aunt/ mother/ grandmother all because i refuse to believe in there faith...

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    Meh. Most of my dad's side of the family is a bunch of mentally ill and deadbeats.

    Mom's side of the family has 1123423452346 (great)aunts/uncles but only 2 cousins. Not sure what happened there. I've still got like 8 great aunts/uncles that are all like 80+. As far as I know they all live together in the same house on the same acreage that they all lived and grew up in thats belonged to the family for like 150 years...

    At least that means I've got decent genes if so many people lived past 80.

    Rarely talk to any of them though. I just know that both sides of my family are weird.

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    My mum, my two brothers, my nieces (one of them is my goddaughter), my aunt (who lives in the same town as my mother) I see on a regular basis. My fathers sister and my grandmothers brother I normally see a few times a year (help them out with stuff on a regular basis). I see my cousins mostly on holidays, or when I'm at my mother I see them around. A few of my other uncles/aunts I see atleast twice a year. (on the other side I've seen my dad maybe 5 times since he divorced my mother, and the last time about 8 years ago, but then I don't really give a crap about him)

    But yeah I kinda keep in contact with most of my family.

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    My family see's each other every single week. We don't all live together, but every Sunday we always have family dinners, including our partners, and one friend from America who came to Australia to live permanently. Also Myself and my two older brothers all work the same job. So we see each at work almost everyday. My sister is just recently pregnant, and my parents are finally grandparents and im finally a uncle. So yeah, our family is damn close to each other.

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    Mostly just my mum and my step dad and brother.

    I'm half caste/mixed race and don't really like most of my indian side of my family (apart from my grandad who i wish i could see more) because they are always trying to get one up on each other and get their kids inline for my grandparents will. Most of my mums family is dead.
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    Daily contact with my entire family because I still live at home. See my cousins/aunts often too, everyone lives pretty close to each other so its easy.

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    I have daily contact with my brother. Weekly contact with my sister and mother. I haven't seen or spoken with my father since my grandmothers funeral(8 years). I rarely ever see any of my relatives outside of an aunt and a couple cousins on my mothers side.

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