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    What specs will be able to solo LK 25 Heroic next tier?

    So I'm looking to start farming Invincible once the new tier comes and I was wondering other than a DK which can already solo it currently given the gear, what other classes will be able to solo it with next tier's gear without any huge difficulties (not looking to do something like Caribald's 10 min into enrage with kiting strat).

    I'd currently like to make a druid my main alt, would a guardian druid be able to solo it given full normal t15 gear with maybe some heroic pieces, or can they do it already in current tier gear? I haven't been able to find many 25 man heroic solo videos other than some 80s pre-vengance nerf and Mione's vid.

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    Probably all the tank class, at least.
    LK 10HM is fairly doable, the main difficulty of LK 25HM is the enrage timer. I guess that T15 should be enough to beat it.
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    I'm kind of curious as to what classes have done LK so far besides DK and Hunter. Suffice it to say a hunter with more gear will probably have it way easier next tier than now (so no more 10 min enrage strats).

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