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    The light cone reduces damage taken by 10%, so yeah.

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    Or maybe he's noticing that he no longer gains the damage reduction from being inside the light wall in P1. If I recall correct, it gives him a passive damage reduction, just for standing in there (along with everyone else who are in the cone).
    That's a good point actually, i have to admit i didnt feel like i took more damage from thrash in P2 then i did in P1 but i have to admit i'm not 100% sure if this, but isn't that 10% less? He doesnt hit 100K harder per swing atleast, that much i'm sure about (even as a prot warrior i would have noticed that).

    Then again if you mean 100K harder per thrash in total, depending on the class i can imagen you getting there. If all 3 attacks hit (unmitigated for around 250~K) i gues you'd get around the 100K mark per thrash.

    I honestly can't say i've noticed taking any more damage, now i'm just wondering if my observational skills are lacking
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    It was actually like 120k more per hit of Thrash.. so surely more than 10% from the cone. Most likely just me being an idiot and dropping shuffle or something.

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    Dropping some buff due to Submerge is probably the reason. Fresh Thrash right after it can be rather painful.

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    Dread Thrash in p2 hits 2 more times than regular Thrash in p1. You were probably getting a few 4 or 5 hit thrashes, as opposed to a max 3 in p1.

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