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    [A] <The Grey Council> - Terokkar - 10 Man - 7/16 HC - Recruiting a healer and dps

    The Grey Council is a 10 man semi-hardcore raiding guild. We have been around since the beginning of WOTLK. We aim to have a fun and social atmosphere, while still aiming for progress.

    We are raiding 3 days a week:

    -Wednesday 20:30 - 23:30
    -Thursday 20:30 - 23:30
    -Sunday 20:30 - 23:30

    What we want from you - Be easy going and laid back. Be active around the times that we raid. Be skilled at your class. Don't die three times in a row from standing in the same fire.
    What you get from us - A great group of skilled people to raid with. No QQ and nerd-raging members. No shouting/screaming at each other during raids. We believe that people who are skilled enough, can learn from their own mistakes (if not, then they obviously don't meet our minimum requirements and won't pass the trial).

    Recruiting (updated 05/02/2013):

    Ranged DPS (high):
    - Hunter
    - Balance Druid
    - Ele Shaman

    Healer (high):
    - Resto Druid
    - Resto Shaman

    Melee DPS (low):
    - Monk
    - DK

    If your class is not posted above but would still like to join us then please still apply as all excellent applicants will be considered.

    Post an application at tgc.guildlaunch.com
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    Updated Classes required (05/02/2013)

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