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    Computer Power-on troubles

    So I have had my computer for several years now, and the past 3-4 months sometimes it will not turn on when I press the power button. I always check the motherboard light, and it is always on. Usually if it does not power up immediately I will do something for 5-10 minutes and when I return it has started up, but sometimes it does not.

    If it does not I usually unplug it and wait a minute or so and turn it back on and try again. It will usually power up after a few minutes in these situations.

    This problem is not occurring every time I try, it is actually in the minority usually but lately it is happening more often. So far the computer has never turned off on its own or anything and I do not know what the problem is.

    Just to be clear, I do not mean go through loading windows, I just mean actually supplying power to the computer. The computer was built from parts, I can link them if that will help. Also, there is an alarm clock, my speakers (regular speakers), and a monitor attached to the power strip and none of them have a problem with turning on or getting power.

    Any suggestions or thoughts on the problem would be appreciated!

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    The two most likely problems are either the power supply not supply enough power (i.e. it's failing) or the motherboard is in some way damaged and causing power problems.

    Easiest way to test this, if you have another computer in the house or a spare power supply (or, if its worth it, getting a cheapie $20 power supply just to test the motherboard), and test it that way.

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    Thanks for the reply chazus. I tried a different power supply today and it started up immediately so that must be the problem. I will order a new one and hope everything goes well, thanks again!

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