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    Looking for a good PvE EU Realm.

    Hey all,

    I'm just posting a quick question, I want to move realm and I wonder what realm is good? I'm looking for a PvE realm to create a raiding guild, as my current server is very dead (Magtheridon) on the Horde side.


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    GO to EU-Blackrock, at the moment best EU/GER-Horde Server.

    If you are in to PvE and PvP.

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    A German server is no good for me as I don't speak German.

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    Eu Ravencrest on alliance side is one of the biggest realms still, pve wise.

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    I'm sorry but we don't allow "What server should I roll on?" threads as the choice is too subjective. I suggest looking at some realm population sites or guild recruitment forums for more information. Best of luck with your search.

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