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    imagine arcane missiles healing woom woom woom woom
    Do you mean Penance

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    I've never really seen mages as a healer class. As other people said it might make sense if you had it based around rewinding time and throwing out shields, but it still doesn't sit well with me. I made a mage to freeze people solid and then boil their insides before they can thaw. Mage tanking on the other hand is something I've always craved. The funny part is half the mechanics for a strong tank are already there. Shields? Check. Damage reducing stances? Check. AoE? Check. Just need a taunt and a spec that adds a buff to tanking stats with a nerf to damage.

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    I imagine a Mage healer spec would incorporate all three spell schools: Frost for shields, Fire for some form of Cauterizing HoT, and Arcane for a direct heal.

    That being said, I don't see Mages ever becoming healers

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