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    Preparing 5.2 10man group

    Hello there, I'm looking for insight on my current decision about roster of our guild's progress group... We are currently running with:

    Prot warrior (fury OS)
    Prot paladin

    Holy paladin
    2x discipline priest (me having about 500 ilvl, other guy 488 as he started later on)

    Balance druid (resto OS)
    Ele shammy (resto OS)
    Fury warrior
    Enha shammy
    Arcane + fire mages

    We're quite happy with our current roster in terms of DPS (rather good diversion of gear, except no leather agi). We are more worried about healing - while 2x discipline is currently pretty OP choice, it won't be nearly as good come 5.2. One of us might simply switch holy for that (probably me having more experience with it), but I still feel that having 2 healers of same class is somewhat limiting our options for making most out of strengths of specific classes on each boss, as well as making it hard to properly gear up our healing team (2 of same gear type and all 3 on same token). It also feels somewhat weird for me, having other healer of same class in the group.

    Option we have available right now is me switching to my monk (currently only 476 healing gear, was MS Windwalker and OS Brewmaster with 494 ilvl), but I keep wondering if that's not waste of gear I've gathered on my priest. It will also actually move burden of difficult gearing from spirit cloth to intellect leather (due to having balance druid in group). On the other hand, it'd solve uselessness of agility leather and allow my monk to be our backup DPS, while giving us bigger diversity in terms of healing setup (actually having all possible healing classes available).

    We are currently server first, 14/16 HC and we are pushing progress as much as we can, so I'm really trying to pick better solution here.

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    Once you are done with progress get your monk on the 'easier' bosses at first to get some upgrades and keep using him on farm and gear him up as much as you can till 5.2 hits. Then you have 2 geared chars and you can make decision which one is more useful depending how holy priests look compared to monks. Atm monks are absolutely op on PTR.

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    you should go shadow and have your shaman or druid be 3rd heal.
    i don't think monk would be a good idea because come 5.2 progress you're going to have 5+ people on protector token plus monk is on moonkin gear.

    On a sidenote, your warrior tank should go druid or monk tank, both of your tanks will be equipped way faster that way.
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