ÆNIMA is recruiting exceptional players to add to our core 25 man group.

Currently Recruiting:

Shadow priest

All and any quality players welcome to apply

We do vent interview's we don't require you to fill your life out on an app!

Current Raid Progression:
MV - 2/6H (10), 4/6H (25)
HOF - 6/6 (10), 1/6[H] (25)
TOS - 4/4 (10), 4/4 (25)

Raid times:
Monday: 6pm-9pm PST
Tuesday: 6pm-9pm PST
Wednesday: 6pm-9pm PST

Many of our players hold Realm 1st titles and or have played in top US guilds.

If you can make our times and want to speak more, add this real id: plumwd#1834 or hatos#1988 you can also visit our site for more information http://www.myaenima.com

You can ask for any of the following members also: Ihavelazers, Hátos, Mariaka any of these people including the real id above can assist you in answering any questions you might have.

Guild hoppers need not apply.