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    What will it take you to buy a ps4?

    for me right now the perfect set up is a pc and a wiiu the wiiu to me is the only console that truly gives me a unique experience i cant get on pc however i plan on getting a ps4 eventually since sony also has some nice exclusives.

    so for you what would it take to get you to buy a ps4 day one? for me it would be an exclusive kingdom hearts game. i know i know "blah blah blah its convoluted ect ect" but i actually still really love the series and the storylines i own every game and its my favorite i bought a psp just to play birth by sleep.

    anyways what does it take?
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    Price of PS4 and price of TV.
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    I'd probably have to actually know what sort of hardware the PS4 has first =P Also, the launch lineup of games, PS3 backwards compatibility, PSN / PSplus information, and of course, the price.

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    I'll wait until the PS5 (if there is one) comes out and there's a considerable price drop on the PS4, and then play whatever Metal Gear game(s) were released on it. Assuming they're not multi-plats, although I'd rather buy a PlayStation than an Xbox anyway.
    I doubt there's anything that could get me to buy one around launch, or even a couple years from now.
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    Actual next gen as opposed to last gen tech. I'm not going to pay a premium for technology from a year or two ago.

    Backwards compatibility. If it was decent tech then that wouldn't be too hard to offer. Then I'd be able to get some of the PS3 exclusives that I missed out on.

    Upgradeable storage, natch.

    Ability to play non-protected content (i.e, games, not Bluray movies) on non-HDCP devices.

    Streaming to Vita. Ability to stream gameplay to Vita similar to the Wii U's controller, but obviously for all games that only require the standard controller and not Move etc.

    Then I'd consider buying it based on its projected exclusives. Otherwise I'll stick with PC and pick up Project Shield.

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    Only way I would ever consider buying a console is if it was years in advance of PC hardware, and had keyboard and mouse support.

    So, a miracle. lol

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    i just got a ps3 for christmas so unless it costs £0-£200 i won't by buying it anytime soon :S

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    "Five hundled and ninety nine dollars!" - That's what it'll take for me to buy one, I suppose.
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    If I could save a life, or make world peace? That would be enough.

    But as it stands, even if I was given one - I'd just eBay it.

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    Depends on price and games thats ment to release the following 6months

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    i just got a ps3 for christmas so unless it costs £0-£200 i won't by buying it anytime soon :S
    Not trying to be offensive but if that ps3 was new that is probably what you paid for it. Don't expect that price for the ps4 if it's the actual price of the ps3.

    I will probably end up buying it sooner or later as it happens to me with every console, but I probably won't buy it until one or two years, I'm sure there's nothing achieved on the ps4 that we haven't actually seen on the pc, so that's pretty much it for me.

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    On a serious note, a bit. Some really good exclusives, REALLY good hardware, and a decent price. I haven't messed around with consoles for a few years now. I'm already planning on spending a good chunk of money on new computer hardware, so the PS4 better be God's gift to consoles.

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    Solid launch titles and a price tag no more than $400. Otherwise, I'll just wait a few years for the eventual price drop.

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    Right now I don't really need anything. If it comes out with really great stuff I 'd strongly consider it though. As long as they don't try this 599 crap again.
    Honestly though, I think it will die horribly if the rumors about not being able to play used games is true.
    I'm actually willing to bet that this is why Microsoft if letting Sony go first. Test the waters and get the initial feedback from the user base.

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    Kingdom hearts 3 and the new final fantasy are the only reasons I am gonna buy it at all.
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    True backwards compatibility with all previous PS models. I have a massive catalog of old PSX and PS2 games that I still play regularly. I almost bought a PS3 until I discovered they had discontinued backwards compatibility. I chose to replace my PS2 with a new PS2 instead. I still have all my original disks, so selling games I already own to me again on the PSN isn't going to float either. PS3 compatibility would be nice to pick up some of the PS3 exclusives I skipped on too.
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    Only way I would buy it is if they scrapped the idea of locking games to one console. I buy a lot of used games at a cheap price Months later after I can see Plenty of reviews from people, Not paid big wigs. It would need to also bring in a Ton of new features that the PS3 doesn't have without the annoying hassle of "buy this item to access this feature in the PS4".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mothhive View Post
    Only way I would ever consider buying a console is if it was years in advance of PC hardware, and had keyboard and mouse support.

    So, a miracle. lol
    Basicly this kinda. Also, that the console had games coming to it Id want to play, proboaly my biggest want.
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    Meh, didn't buy PS3, not looking forward to PS4 either.. Always felt that the playstation community is a bit dull compared to xbox. On the other hand, not looking forward to xbox 720 or whatever it is although I love my 360.

    edit: I wish they someday would make some kind of poll, where the players/buyers could vote what they want their gaming console to include, rather than some big company nogamers that put old hardware.. Of course it would cost more probably
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mothhive View Post
    Only way I would ever consider buying a console is if it was years in advance of PC hardware, and had keyboard and mouse support.

    So, a miracle. lol
    Pretty much this. The only way I would even consider getting a PS4 would be it basically, replacing, my PC. I've been waiting for some fusion of the PC and Console to arrive and unless the PS4 is it? Well, wouldn't be surprised if the tablet ends up becoming that actually.
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