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    My Conquest Pt bar is busted or...?

    So I decided to cap all my 2200 conquest pts for this week last night and tonight, with the usual combination of 1 rbg and 2's wins.

    As every1 knows, you can cap all the way up to 1800pts doing 2's(10wins). After that, 1 RBG win gets you the final pts to cap your weekly allowance of 2200.

    So, I did my RBG last night, to get the theoretical +400 pts needed to finish cap, and then 2's tonight. After 8 wins, I was capped at 1800/2200, and it said I needed to do a Rated Battleground. WHAT?! I did that last night!(after an hour of spamming in trade grumblegrumble)

    Why is it making me do TWO RBGs, and win only 8 2's matches?! I already did my RBG!


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    you need to do your rbg for the last cap. so first cap arena cp then do 1 rbg. not the other way around.

    also there are tons of topics alrdy about it.

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    It's weird how it works but if you get 400 points from RBGs first, it counts towards your 1800 arena total. So you need to get 1.8k CP from arena first then do your 1 RBG win.

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