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    Best DoT timer for affliction locks?

    Since tidy plates stopped working for whatever reason which I usually keep in tact for dot tracking, it no longer works. I've been meaning to go to a real dot timer anyways, whats the best one for affliction locks at the moment that works?

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    I always just used power aura's to track my dots.. >.>

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    I used to use power auras but it takes alot of configuration and at the moment just not in the mood. Something usually breaks my template to each patch which is really frustrating.

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    Affdots ?

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    I suppose SuF tracks targets dots pretty well, alternative may be weak or powerauras.
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    quartz is nice and simple and does your cast bar too
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    I actually found poweraura's to be a breeze to set up... once you get everything down that is... timers and visuals all on the same aura, multiple visuals and such on as well for stacks... actaully.. dammit, now I have to go in and set up a stack counter for my BoA.. -flails-

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    Just pick one. There really isn't a best one. They're timers. There isn't much to consider. I'll help.

    -Dot Timers
    -Power Auras
    -Weak Auras

    And of these will do the job.
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    fortexorcist. here is a guide to help you set it up to your liking if you are interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9pT4Ql2Tic

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    TellMeWhen is also a great option, even iFilger. iFilger has probably got the smallest memory usage out of most of the choices given above, and its pre-set with all class dots/procs/buffs/ etc.. meaning its load and go

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    I've successfully used buttontimers for years. When properly setup, it's fantastic. I often have other people ask me what it is b/c they are used to bigger names in the dot timer addon game.

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    I use RealUI, so I have a built-in DoT tracker. It's basically IceHUD, which is by far my favorite.

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    I recommend Weak Auras. Easy to configure, made a dot timfer for my Shamans's Flamshock, Mage's Ignite and Living Bomb. And lvling a Warlock atm ( at lvl 47....yey). It's easy to configure, let's you customize how you want it to act and look. And I use it to keep track of my Cd's aswell

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    affdots ( http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/affdots ) and it's not very close. seeing the strength of yours dots so you know when to refresh and when not to makes a hell of a difference. has a soul shard counter, haunt uptime indicator, a CoE timer (also if provided by others) and the HP % of your current target (to know when to DS) as well plus demo power and burning ember tracker for demo/destro as well. all of these can be disabled if you don't want them.

    just to clarify that point again:
    the addon shows you the strength of the dot currently on your target in relation to the strength it would have if you reresh it right now. for example if you applied a CoA with trinket pros and dark soul up, you really don't want to refresh it until the very end. given that malefic grasp and drain soul scale fairly big with the strength of your dots, playing with an addon that does not show you this information is a big handicap.
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    Relatively unknown addon is Droodfocus. It was originally designed for ferals but works for any other class as well.

    Basicly you can make something that resembles a TMW/PA/WA settup but they fields arange themselves depending on time left, shortest duration is always on the left, highest always on the right. This makes it really easy to see what to do next ontop of being visually nice.

    Bit of a pain to set up, but there are some tutorial videos on the youtubes which should get it done in about 10 mins.

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