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    How much do you acctually use Fel flame?

    Hi again my dear MMO-Champion

    Question of the day is:

    How much do you guys use Fel Flame to refresh your DoTs? Do you ever use it when you have powerfull buffs (when Affdots are green)

    I'm wondering if it's worth it to refresh your dots with Fel Flame, if you can see that the ICD of your trinkets and Lightweave are about to come of and wait to refresh manually or by SB:SS when you got the procs?

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    I never really use Fel Flame, except during movement if for some reason I don't take Kil'Jaeden's Cunning for that fight.

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    To refresh dot when i have enought proc and it's not worth to recast them (tipically at the beginning).

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    In the opening FelFlamme is a good idea. Agony hasn't ramp up so refreshing it is not a good idea. Felflamme allows you to save a shard for a SB:SS with agony at 10.

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    If I have to move and wont finish recasting immolate before I have to move.
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    I use it only on Garalon (at pull) and Zorlok (on rings).
    I really don't see a usage for it on other bosses hence other spells do more damage and give more profit

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    i only use fel flame on Blade Lord Ta'yak (heroic) when running away from "Blade Tempest"


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    I use Fel Flame when Dark Soul is about to come off CD, but UA/Corruption are going to fall off a few seconds before the CD ends so I don't have to use a GCD to hard-cast the dot.

    Other than that, I use it on H Blade Lord and for the first couple seconds of Attenuation on H Vizier.

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    To refresh dots when I got some proc's and I have a haunt up. Or when I wanna refresh some dots that are almost expiring.

    Never think on that, but on Demonology i never use Felflame.

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    Fel Flame?? what is that, need to check my spellbook again :P
    why bother when u have Kil'Jaeden's Cunning, and a 6 sec refresh dots why if Pandemic do it better.

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    I'm currently using it in my opener. Havent noticed anything changing from SB:SS when proccs are up. It feels better tho, as I the risk im "haunt starved" for the duration of super powered dots are smaller.

    Other than that, fel flame has Very limited use. As some1 said, Blade Tempest on Blade Lord is useful, but I tend to LT more anyway.
    I do also use it if powerful buffs would overlap (but not enough time to recast both corr and UA), but only if the duration of corr/ua after using it will allow at least one full Haunt duration.

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    3 situations come to mind
    - once on aff pull when all procs are up
    - any time to finish/burst low hp adds
    - while moving when specced MF
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    Using it if I didnt pick Kil'Jaeden's Cunning and have to move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nordahl View Post
    How much do you guys use Fel Flame to refresh your DoTs? Do you ever use it when you have powerfull buffs (when Affdots are green)
    If it's green then the duration is usually so different it's better to hardcast / SB:SS them iirc.

    Sometimes worth using a Fel Flame when your dots are at high duration and then you get procs (usually on the pull), but affdots usually displays that as blue iirc.

    Otherwise, I use it on blade lord / vizier on blade tempests and attenuations provided my dots aren't of a high duration and / or proc potency.

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    i only use fel flame when i need to refresh dots with supercharged dots or when i cant get full benefit from a "hardcast" dot(for example when corruption's duration is about 9 secs) when they are close to their maximum duration. generally speaking i dont use it during the pull as it is usually worth it to refresh supercharged dots with a SB:SS so i get maximum duration with supercharged dots and will still be able to have haunt up for most of the supercharged dot's duration.

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    I mostly use it to kill critters when i'm bored.. :P
    It has it's uses, sure. But I for one rarely use it since I have no real reason to use it, I could. But I got other options to refresh dots, and can DPS on the move anyway with kil'jaedens cunning.

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    I only use Fel Flame.
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