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    Oh goodie. It's rhetorical question time...

    Quote Originally Posted by b0sanac View Post
    I disagree, I love the misc items. If they're taking up so much space heres a thought, put them in the bank.
    You quoted a post that specifically says "my bank is full" and suggested that he put them in his bank. Do you even read before you post? Or do you do that idiotic thing where you just skim the thread title and assume you know everything that's going on?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kisho View Post
    There's two possible scenarios here:

    1. Blizzard make fun items and give us the choice of destroying them if we don't want them.

    2. Blizzard don't make fun items and don't give us the choice of having the fun item in the first place.

    Are you honestly saying you want the second option?
    Quote Originally Posted by Kurzior View Post
    Blizzard HAS to do something about this? What do they have to fix? Are you saying they should just abandon novelty items and tansmog entirely so you don't have to make a choice with your inventory space? Perhaps you'd like an infinitely large inventory, or maybe just 500 slot bags to alleviate your problem and allow you to store every single item in existence on one toon?

    Players complaining about lack of bag space really don't have a leg to stand on as far as I'm concerned. In order to make the game viable, its necessary to have enough bag space to carry your gear, maybe some consumables and MAYBE some crafting materials. That's taken care of if you have a set of 14 slot bags for your character bags. We haven't even touched banks (which can pretty easily hold almost 200 items if you get 22+ slot bags) or void storage. If you're really so hard up for space that you have problems, maybe consider clearing your inventory out a bit? Do you really need that sword you won back in ICC? How about that helm from 5-man zul'aman? Or the toy train set? (God, do I hate train sets)

    My point is this. You have to make a choice between what's necessary and what's worth keeping. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Blizzard can either keep giving us interesting things that we can choose to keep in our inventory, in which case there are always going to be people complaining about bag space not being enough. Or they can just stop giving us anything that isn't gear or consumables and you can kiss your optional novelty items goodbye.

    Need more bag space? Here's an idea. Get rid of the useless items that you used once, thought was fun and decided to keep forever just in case you ever came across a scenario where making your character glow for 20 seconds was useful.
    Why do you people keep acting like there are only two options here? I'm a retard when it comes to creativity but even I can think of like five other things Blizzard could do here. Two great ones have already been suggested in this thread (Bauble Bag and using the spellbook). How completely thoughtless must you be to assume this is an "on or off" lightswitch situation?
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    I'm bitter by default. Don't take it personally.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stir View Post
    Either give an argument, or be automatically wrong. Your choice.

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    I have got to agree, they just fill up my bag/space, and the mostly get deleted anyway:x

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    [Toy box]: 36 slot 'vanity item' bag

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    Flavour item spellbook tab plz :x

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    Didn't really have a problem with the type of random items the thread turned out to be about. What has been a problem for me has been the sheer number of vendor trash and quest items. I expected to see a rant about those, I'd have been 100% behind it.

    Why even have any of either anymore?

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