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    T15 captures on a troll please

    i think the T15 set looks amazing, but up untill now i have only seen this set on a male tauren druid (horde wise) and i must say that the head piece is completly consumed by the tauren face and leaves only the eyes cover which is a shame cause the entire head piece offers some uniqe looks with the throat hue and the scary mouth and teeth - on a tauren head it loses almost everything...

    what about troll druids? trusks/nose and ears cause the same problem?
    has blizz fix or address this issue?

    does anyone have any captures from PTR that he can link here to see how would this set look on tauren/troll females or troll males?
    the goal i am aiming for is maybe to find a horde race with the right gender to keep the entire set's looks full and not walk around with chopped looks.

    horde races do suffer from chopped looking sets (taurens / undead)

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    Looks kinda goofy on a troll. Mainly the head that makes it look abit odd.

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    looks better on a tauren imo, a massive tree xD
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