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    NeW Class Idea (Dota parody)

    People in wow have been talking about new classes. People imagine cool stuff base on there imagination and personal preference. What If that class is not something related to the lore. A class that is not related to magic, physical feat of strenght, or anything related to the dark ages.

    In a small game we call dota theres a hero named Goblin Tekis. He does not have magic like our wows druid, warlock or mages nor can he do melee fight like warior, rogue, or dk.
    I had come up with a class which is based on profession. (Profession, so Im in the right forums)

    >A class which spell book depends on your profession. Its talent are also dependent to your profession
    >The look is more modern and more scifi (lets make the titans the ones responsible for this)
    >instead of your typical magic or warior like brute force, you will have technology
    >Instead of swaping spec, you choose 1 from your 2 profession. Unlike our old class with 3 spec (druid has 4), This one only have 2.
    >Since its a New class that is profession dependent then you level the profession you choose as your spec 50x faster. While the other profession levels normaly unless you talked to a class npc and swap it as your main spec.
    >your not the typical 40 yard range class nor a melee class. Your rotation consists of spell that has diferent ranges.
    >Profession alters your spell book. You will have ZERO skill and the spell book would be emty till you choose a profession as your main spec

    ~having this profession will grant you the ability to conjure missiles and rockets which you will be using in your rotation
    ~like hunter traps you will have your own version which are mines and more related to advance technology. Since its a class, those mines are in your spell book
    ~instead of mana, rage, or energy, you will have your own resource (...oil suply? lol)
    ~instead of your typical enrage that turns you red or avatar that increase you size, your dps or tank cd will be similar to transformers. You will temporarily transform in a giant robot or something with the transformers visual

    ~having this profession grats you the ability of a weapon master similar to Erza Scarlet of fairy Tail (anime)
    ~You may be wielding a sword, it magicaly changes to a diferent weapon when you use a spell. Your rotation consist of swaping weapon which include range and melee weapon. Imagine Devil May cry weapon swaping combos.
    ~every weapon in your spell book has its own cd and making you a priority type rotation class
    ~maybe the only class that can dual wield 2h polearm and staff...well doesnt matter anyway it magicaly changes how it look when casting a spell

    ~Imagine the alchemist of dota, meaning your rotation would consist of different chemicals and tossing them to your enemy
    ~your buff will also come from chemical which are in your spell books
    ~Your typicaly the mad scientist. Your armor will look like a doctor
    ~Your aoe would be toxic gasses and its spell effect would be tossing a flask in the ground

    ~Your bis Weapon is a mining pick and you can dual wield them
    ~With all the hard work from mining this is clearly a tank spec
    ~Tossing Giant Boulder which no one has an idea where it comes from is part of your rotation
    ~One of your spell effect is Earth Shakers Fissure from dota

    ~clearly a healing class
    ~I will leave that to everyones imagination (R18)
    ~Your gear would look like gypsy dancers
    ~your skill animation would be dancing of course. Sexy to be exact.

    ~Imagine Gambit from X-men
    ~well thats clearly a caster dps spec
    ~or a summoner class and your rotation consist of summoning different beast that last only 1-2 sec each. More like the priestess of asian temples. So your gear would likely to look like asian priestess.
    ~Your weapon would be scrolls

    This thread is incomplete and will adopt to the likes of the majority. Share your idea and make your own class. Ignor what I had said and tell me your own class base on your own imagination.

    The purpose of this thread is for fun...and possible expansion if we can make it interesting enough to the eyes of those developers.
    English is not my main language.
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    hm I quite like your idea.
    I guess I would go with a shaman 2 as my new class. I guess its not a new class as such but a new design for shamans. Ive always wanted shamans to interact with different totems as they fight. Be able to build up combo points of a sort and then unleash them to be able to summon a powerful totem, whether it heals or does damage. It would just make shamans more based on totems and make totems more a part of their rotation. Could get alot more totems in which work for different situations and also maybe give a resto shaman for instance an option to deal damage rather than lightning bolt spamming and fire elemental

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    and you want to balance this how? and you need to lvl up your proffesion to unlock new stuff? and if you want to change spec you need to relearn a proffesion from 1?

    this doesn't work in wow. this looks more like a sandbox mmo class. devs will never inplant this simple.

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    I Like the idea.

    Hopefully we can get more creative minds together.

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    >Balance is part of there job. Same as how they balance what ever class we have now.
    >Nope, you dont unlock anything since everything will be unlocked once you choosen a profession and leveling a profession has no effect on the class and spec.
    >Class as of now has 3 (4 for druid) spec to choose from. We have 2 profession so thats clearly a 2 spec choice. People dont give up profession, rarely do player do that in game right now.
    >Nope, profession does not go to level 1 by swaping from your 2 spec. Is there a reason for that to happen? None, since your just swaping spec that cost gold like always
    >If your talking about "What if I got tempted and I want to TRY OUT the other interesting spec I dont curently have?" Since this is profession base class then your profession might end up 1/2 or 3/4 of max LvL instead of lvl 1 (plus with leveling bonus when choosen as spec). Similar to DK which starts at lvl 60 then they nerf it to lvl 55 (while the rest starts at lvl 1). So its possible they do that to profession. So lets call this a Hero Class in its own unique way.
    >One proof thats its possible is the dk profession. When making a dk you notice your First Aid is already in burning crusade level and not lvl 1. You said its imposible then you clearly havent made a DK

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    How about share your own idea. Lets start with your own creative mind.

    Thanks and have a good day

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    Interesting. Similar to rasta in dota (warcraft 3). When I created wow thats the 1st thing I was looking for then I got disapointed when totems are just mostly buff.
    Its possible to just add it as a 4th spec like druids. I always wanted those surpent wards or the deathwards of dota which is a batle type totem.

    ...or it does fit the category of my inscriptionist, a summoner class but NOT a pet class. The summons last only a few sec and your rotation is to keep on summoning different stuff.
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