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    Help me choose the best gold making professions

    What is the best gold making profs with minimum gold and time spent on that prof?

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    Profs are no longer a way to make golds; except if you use a bot.

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    So what is?

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    JC / Scribe. I make tons from both.

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    I've moved this over to the professions forum.

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    Im not much of a gold maker but probably the best gold making professions ive used over the past year has been jc and enchanting. The ore shuffle has made me some good gold, prospecting all the ore, making jewelry and gems. disenchanting jewelry, selling enchanting mats / scrolls. I started this around the last 3 months of cata. My realm had become quite dead at that time. Anyway with the ore shuffle I turned about 5k gold to start with gradually worked up to 100k in a couple of weeks. Which as the most amount of gold I ever owned at the time was quite a bit. Alchemy is another good profession to go along with it since u can transmute gems which can make a bit more of a profit.
    In mop it doesnt seem quite as profitable atm but im still making a few k gold every day. And at the start of 5.2 the enchants and gems should hopefully become more in demand and more profitable since the new raids etc.

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