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    How accurate is Speccy in terms of temp readings?

    ASRock Extreme tuning utility is showing my CPU temp at 25C idle, while Speccy is showing 43C >_>

    I just installed a Cooler Master Gemini II cooler and before I was getting about 50C idle in both programs with the stock cooler.
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    25C is too little and unrealistic unless the ambient temp is really low. 43C on the other hand is bit too high idle temp unless ambient is really high (25C or more in the room where the computer is).

    So... I'd suspect all numbers you've seen so far.
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    AFAIK speccy reads CPU sensors while the AXTU reads the temperature monitor on the motherboard.

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    Now i'm confused. There seem to be some anomalies with asrock's temperature reading and the CPU speeds jump up and down far too much.
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    For me Speccy is showing CPU temps 5°C higher than Core Temp does. Latest versions of both.

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    Keep in mind there are different temp sensors. There are core temps and there are socket temps. Core Temp, obviously, shows only the core temp. Programs like hwmonitor show both. Not sure what speccy shows as I've never used it.

    I suggest trying hwmonitor and getting the reading of both socket and core temps.
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    I prefer http://www.techpowerup.com/realtemp/ when it comes to Intel CPUs.
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    There's only one way to read sensors properly, and the output will be the same regardless (it's not returned as '28C', it'd be returned as a large number such as 29360128), but there's a lot of different sensors and brands of sensors, each of which needs it's own code to be able to read from. Either the sensors they're reading are different from each other, or they're doing some math on the reading and it's being output differently (e.g. their Celsius to Fahrenheit calculation is different - logically shouldn't happen, or the full value they get is being divided differently and thus the result is different). Personally, I prefer realtemp if I just want temperatures, or HWMonitor if I want full stats.

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    Got to love the inconsistency of my CPU temperature.

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