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    i know on the first day i sold 3 phoenix hatching (MGT pet) for 6k each... but now its not worth farming it, but if you can level your rare (chek the price of it at lvl 1) and level it, you can triple profit thats what im doing with my toxic wasteling its now lvl 23 :P ! going around 10-12k on my server

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simca View Post
    Dragon Kite is the 3rd most expensive pet - it's right behind the Cub and Soul-Trader. It's worth about 150k imo.
    Spectral Cub is indeed in 150k-180k range, but Ethereals are worth way more, about 250k-300k.

    Same goes for Tyrael's Hilt, which is currently the rarest pet out there, 1.5mil at least.

    To the OP - generally to sell these pets, you had to keep your invitational code card intact and unscratched, either from old, physical, Blizzcon goodie bags or other promotional events. You can still snatch about 10-15k for leveled Animuses or Darkmoon pets, especially Rabbit.

    It's a potent market if you dedicate yourself to level pets. If you do dailies regularly and just farm your pets to level 24, you can quite easily sell lots of them on AH in 2k-3k price range.

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    some guy on my server buys and sells pet(i assume he goes to other servers to sell) and i made a good 200k gold off of him from all my pets(mostly all i sold were lvl 25) and a bunch of battle stones(500g each, made about 15k gold from that)

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    My guild mate claims he makes 10k a week off of hunting down rare quality pets and then selling them off. I'm seriously considering levelin up my pets to try that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    My guild mate claims he makes 10k a week off of hunting down rare quality pets and then selling them off. I'm seriously considering levelin up my pets to try that.
    He probably means the raid-drop pets. You can easily make 10k/reset by selling all the ones you get, especially if you lvl them up first.
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    I play on multiple servers and generally use pets to 'transfer' gold around. On one server I can buy pets for cheap and sell them for many times more on another server.

    A lot of my trade was done with Pandaren Spirits, but at the moment my supply of those exceed my sales, so lately I've been volumentrically discounting them to make up for the slower sales (and I've still got too many of them). I've occasionally turned a profit from buying and selling ToT pets, but that market isn't as good as it used to be (although thanks to that I did manage some good trade fodder, don't forget you can trade for something with these that you can later sell. I managed to secure some Vengeful Porcupettes for much lower their market value that way and Vengefuls sell like gangbusters on PvE servers).
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