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    Onboard audio plug not working... the ones on front working fine.

    Hey guys.

    So a month or so back I started using my front audio entrances (Not sure what they're called) because I needed the extra movement it allowed my speakers.
    But now I've got myself a headset and wanted to plug it in the back (also hoping to fix some coil noise) but it wasn't working. My desk microphone is plugged into my onboard sound card and is working fine. Is it possible for just one of the outlets to stop working?

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    If you have speakers plugged in front in the same time, the ones of the back won't work.
    Plug yours speakers in the back, and plug your headset to the front. You should ear everything in your headset, then unplugg headset: speakers should work

    You can active in your sound drivers an option to fix this, but it depends of your sound card
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