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    Krasarang wilds here. I love jungle/forest themed zones.

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    Kun lai, hands down.
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    No zone stood out to me as being anything more than than a mediocre timesink. Very forgettable (the whole expansion). Alliance quest lines were slightly worse than horde.

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    Kun Lai summit for me

    What can i say i fucking love grummles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Combooticus View Post
    Kun Lai summit for me

    What can i say i fucking love grummles
    The Grummles frighten the hell out of me. Someone please tell me there's a quest where I can take them out for rep. Must escape... gangly Ewok-things... with raspy voices...

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    Kun-Lai Summit!

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    Looks: Vale of Eternal Blossoms
    Questing: Dread Wastes

    Loved the Vale from the first pictures I saw from it, when someone took early pics during Beta, taken by using Shaman spell I believe. Questing in Dread Wastes was just awesome. You know you are in the end zone, and you have these creepy Mantid with this harsh, alien civilisation that you are learning about. I guess once you've done the story it loses that edge though, so not sure if you ask me my favourite zone at the end of Mists if I'll still say Dread Wastes. Only 2/6 chars leveled so far, so

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    Krasarang Wilds, hands down. Great atmosphere, and really fun quest chains to boot. Not to mention, the Landfall factions. <3

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    Dread wastes, it has nice story going on, nice atmosphere and feel to it as well as great music.

    Krassarang and jade forest are also nice zones, the rest I didn't enjoy much at all. Going through the zones again has been surprisingly awful though, never had it be this bad before.

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    1. Townlong Steppes
    2. Kun-lai Summit
    3. Krasarang Wilds
    4. Dread Wastes
    5. Valley of the Four Winds
    6. Jade Forest
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    How do you make this question into a poll?

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    The Veiled Stair forsure!

    No but seriously, i hate them all now that i have 6 90's, but first time playing through id have to say Kun Lai Summit was my favorite, i love the mountains (The quest that you had to pretty much walk up the huge mountain pass, enjoyed that very much)

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    Townlong Steppes
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    I kinda like Jade Forrest, not because of its quests but of the visuals and the amazing forrest as it is! Just love cruising around there on my mount, picking flowers!

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    1. Jade Forest
    2. Vale of Eternal Blossoms
    3. Valley of the Four Winds
    4. Townlong Steppes
    5. Dread Wastes
    6. Kun-Lai Summit
    7. Krasarang Wilds

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    Jade Forest looks and feels like they put much more effort in it than the rest of the continent.
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    I really enjoyed the Klaxxi storyline, but Jade Forest takes the prize. It's so, so beautiful, and the quests feel like a very long questline as everything feels very connected. Loved the VAs for the little Horde group with Riko. Pretty funny since I mostly dislike all the voice acting in WoW, but that little group of people all had voices and reactions that fit them perfectly.

    Parts of Kun-Lai looks awesome, but overall it just reminds me of Batman Begins.
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    Kun Lai and Jade forest definitely my favourites

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiny212 View Post
    I hate them all equally
    I love them all equally.

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    I loved the story line in Dread wastes but I don't think any of the zones were particularly bad.

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