I've been meaning to try out the paladin class for quite some time now, and when I heard about how fast people got their toons to 80 by taking advantage of the RAF (Recruit A Friend) mechanic, I decided to try it out. I used my main account to recruit and create a new account, and then used that account to recuit yet another account. This enabled me to use my main character to boost the paladin and another random character (went with shaman) through dungeons with the 300 % experience boost.

Now my two toons are sitting at level 80 on each account and it's time to transfer the paladin to my main account. But I just realized I could take advantage of the "level granting" thing to somehow get another toon to level 80 instantly.

My question is, how would I make best use of my situation?

My first guess is I would have to create the new character on the same account as the paladin, grant him 40 levels using the shaman on the third account, transfer him to my main account and then grant him the remaining 40 levels using my paladin. I would then also transfer the paladin to my main account.

I guess that would work. But it seems to involve a lot of character transfering, which would be quite expensive (considering I already had to buy two Battle Chests and pay for a months game time if I want the mount).

If anyone reading this has a better solution, i'm all ears!

I guess this all boils down to my concern about "loosing" my hard earned free level grants if I just transfered the paladin right away.

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I just thought of another thing. Would ALL the levels I gain on my paladin account generate grantable levels to my main account? I should already have 40 grantable levels. If I then granted 40 levels from my shaman to a new character on my paladin account, would I then have 60 grantable levels? If so, I could just quest to level 20 and then grant the 60 levels from my paladin before I transfer him. What say you, oh wise mmo-champion user?