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    Vashj'ir: Why did players not like that zone?

    The underwater zone concept is actually pretty cool in my opinion. It was different, and looks great, and you can avoid obstacles because you can swim everywhere, just like a flying mount. They even gave us a high speed underwater mount.

    So why did people generally not like this zone? I've seen a lot of various posts from people saying they hated the zone, but why?

    The only thing i can think of is the annoying starting quest, other than that, the zone is very fun to quest in.

    Would it not be cool to have another really well done underwater zone next expansion?

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    it was different

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    It was SO annoying getting around. I really hated it with a passion.
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    Personally it made my eyes sting, otherwise I don't really mind it. 3D quest navigation can be a bit of a pain at times but it's nothing I've never had to deal with before.
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    I just didn't like it... I hated swimming around just not fun imo. Hyjal was much funner i thought.
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    I enjoyed Vashj'ir first time. But I believe one reason people dislike it is because it is frightening.

    Massive sea animals, open water and that bloody whale shark.
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    Loved it. Probably one of my favorite zones in the game.

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    I don't know why people don't like it. It's one of my favourite zones along with Deepholm. Stunningly beautiful, well designed, great quests. I really don't know what's not to like

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    It is my favorite zone in the whole game. Beautiful and varied design, interesting quests, and a unique mechanic (sea legs). I loved it. I understand why other folks did not (can be slightly disorienting to play in 3 dimensions) but hope more underwater zones or sub-zones are included in the future. I was pretty disappointed there was no underwater raid encounter...I am almost certain one will appear before WoW is done. And there will be tears.
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    I did not like it because the 3D was kinda disorienting. Also, they only used the sea floor/ reefs and similar, not much you can do in open water.

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    Poor and confusing layout (not just the fact you are under water, rather the layout of the zones themselves), weak storylines, scattered single-time quests, a LOT of simple "kill lots of stuff" ones and lots of time wasted moving from point A to point B - but I guess thats for layout.

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    It was beautifully made, probably one of the best looking zones from crapaclysm. It also gave me a reason to use my turtle and look cooler than all the seahorse noobs :P

    The reason people didnt like it was most likely due to the fact it was new and harder to get around in.

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    Because it was huge! The largest zone in WoW by far, so much crammed into it...and yet, it was for the 80-82 experience, which players flew through anyway.

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    My favorite zone in cataclysm, or well atleast of the 85+ ones. But only did it once since it took longer time then hyjal and when repeating things, I just want to get it over with quickly. Would prbly loved it even more if we got abit more closure on the Neptulon thing, but then again having even more interest in a sea themes expanions. gief Azshara already.

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    I loved it, I've never sat my foot inside of MH beyond Loremaster and FL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sythari View Post
    It was SO annoying getting around. I really hated it with a passion.
    How was it annoying? Were there too many obstructions in your camera view? You know you can adjust the camera to better suite your questing environment?

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    I did like it, but hyjal was a much better option if you wanted to get to 85 fast. In hyjal you could go from 80-82 in two hours, in vashjir it took like 4hours or more. Thats why i think some ppl didnt like it, i think it was a good and interesting zone but a little slow paced.

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    I thought it was great. Hyjal was fun too but not as unique and not really as explorable imo

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    Personally I really like Vash'jir. It's unique, has a good story line and great scenery. It has all the requirements for me to be happy. It also had a nice creepy factor with the whole bottom of the ocean thing and the old gods the first time you run through it.
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    Visually, I thought the zone was beautiful. One of my favourites.

    Functionally, I loathe water combat and movement. Sea Legs only helps so much when you're still doing a lot of questing and fighting off the ground. It's frustrating, the 3D can cause perception distortions, vertical navigation is often obnoxious and make maps useless, and, worst of all, I get sim sickness from too much swimming.

    The main naga quest line was also too long, but otherwise I liked the quests a lot, too.
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