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    Ironpaw "Shuffle"

    The Ironpaw shuffle is:

    • Buy: Meat, Fish, or Vegetables off the AH (or farm if you think it's worth the time).
    • Then deliver: Meat, Fish, or Vegetables in bundles ([Bundle of Groceries])
    • For: [Ironpaw Token]
    • Trade your [Ironpaw Token] for special cooking materials:
      [Black Pepper]
      [100 Year Soy Sauce]
      [Rice Flour]
    • Then sell those on the AH for more than the cost of the meat/fish/vegetables you bought to hand in for the [Ironpaw Token].

    This requires:
    • Your toon needs to be at least lvl 85.
    • You have to have done the pre-quests to get access to the repeatble quest: Replenishing the Pantry.
    • Some gold to start of with.

    Here is what you need to do:
    1. Do the pre-quests (if you haven't done them).
    2. Check the price of your special cooking materials ([Black Pepper], [100 Year Soy Sauce], [Rice Flour]) on your AH. This will help you determine what kind of meat, fish, or vegetables you can buy and still earn money from selling the special cooking materials.
      You can also check the price, price-development and other statistics on:
      [US] https://theunderminejournal.com/
      [EU] https://eu.theunderminejournal.com/

    3. Buy the cheapest meat, fish, or vegitables you can make [Bundle of Groceries] from. (Remember! You need 60x[Golden Carp] and 100x Vegetables to make 1x[Bundle of Groceries], so you will have to take that into consideration).
    4. Buy the correct empty container from Merchant Cheng <Kitchen Storage Vendor> to make [Bundle of Groceries].
    5. When you've made the [Bundle of Groceries], you deliver them to Nam Ironpaw <Stockmaster> to get your [Ironpaw Token].

      *Macro for delivering your [Bundle of Groceries][/URL]:
      /script SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1);CompleteQuest();GetQ uestReward()
    6. Then buy your special cooking materials ([Black Pepper], [100 Year Soy Sauce], [Rice Flour]) from Nam Ironpaw <Stockmaster>.
    7. Sell them on your AH (and have a good time earning that gold).

    List of meats, fishes, and vegetables and quantity needed to make your [Bundle of Groceries]:

    20x[Raw Tiger Steak]
    20x[Mushan Ribs]
    20x[Raw Turtle Meat]
    20x[Raw Crab Meat]
    20x[Wildfowl Breast]
    20x[Raw Crocolisk Belly]

    60x[Golden Carp]
    20x[Krasarang Paddlefish]
    20x[Reef Octopus]
    20x[Jewel Danio]
    20x[Tiger Gourami]
    20x[Redbelly Mandarin]
    20x[Emperor Salmon]
    20x[Giant Mantis Shrimp]
    20x[Jade Lungfish]

    100x[Green Cabbage]
    100x[Juicycrunch Carrot]
    100x[Mogu Pumpkin]
    100x[Jade Squash]
    100x[Striped Melon]
    100x[Pink Turnip]
    100x[White Turnip]

    Guide Taken from http://www.elvinelol.com/forums/showthread.php?350 <- Click for full WoWHead Tooltips

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    [Black Pepper]
    [100 Year Soy Sauce]
    [Rice Flour]

    Sell for 40g max on my server....so its very bad deal. And no1 buys it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Descense View Post
    [Black Pepper]
    [100 Year Soy Sauce]
    [Rice Flour]

    Sell for 40g max on my server....so its very bad deal. And no1 buys it.
    There could possibly be another upswing in the price of these when 5.2 hits and people start progression raiding full on again and using lots of food, but yeah, as always, really depends on the server if this trick works or not.

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    raw crock belly on my server is 11g+ each since they are needed for 300 int food, i guess thats a very weak progression server to have them so cheap.

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    Depends on server and old news.
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    On most servers the cheapest ingredient is about the AH price of a token item, and the demand is low.

    But in the end, profit is profit, and it doesnt require much time. If you see cheap stacks of meat, fish or veggies, it can be worth buying them out for tokens. But you might make faster money by simply reselling for a higher price. Demand for soy sauce etc is very very low.

    The problem with it, is that so many people know this, that you always have a bunch of people who are doing exactly the same, and since its in such a low demand, chances are that they buy from your competitors. The solution is to keep undercutting them, but that also means you have to keep an eye on it more then its worth.

    Again, cheap mats, sure buy. But only works to get a little extra money, dont go for this as your main income.

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