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    [Feral] My rotation in Raid, need advice

    I'd need some feedback on our fight from 10 Feb against Feng The Accursed.
    This is the log for me for the fight where we downed him:

    In case I screwed up the link for some reason, I'm Snowbat in the guild named "Les Titans" on French server Elune and we did this on 10 Feb. It's Feng The Accursed I'm interested in seeing how I did as I have the feeling that's the boss where I was able to use my rotation the best.

    This is me in the Arsenal:

    Could any veteran Feral DPS be kind enough to have a look at this and tell me where I went wrong?
    I would really appreciate this.


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    The main problem I see is that your bleeds are doing next to no damage. 50k crit bleed ticks, fully raid buffed is extremely low. This could be down to 2 things.

    1) Always, I mean always apply rip and rake with savage roar up. I see your uptime on SR was almost 99% which is good, leads me onto point 2
    2) Your low mastery with that amount of haste gear is doing you no justice.

    I honestly couldn't find much wrong with your rotation, it just seems like your gear is playing against you here. Try and get a bit more gear with mastery on, and drop as much haste as possible, is the best advice I can give you at the moment. Get the leg enchant, weapon gem and put the strength enchant on your gloves (small dps increase)
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    If you arent taking DOC, which I see you aren't, you could probably sacrifice some hit/exp if you want to increase your mastery some.

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    Thanks guys.
    For the mastery thing, I use Wowreforge to know how to reforge. Basically, I just follow what that says. So I'm not sure how I can turn this Haste gear into Mastery gear...
    Also, which is better: Reforge Lite, AskMrRobot or Wowreforge?

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    Use any but input your own stat values.
    I think EJ has a guide with all the values for each talent combination.
    Never really used MrRobot with feral but many other classes I've played always results in hilarious nonsensical default reforging, I would stay away from this site.

    and if you got the money DMC card would be miles away from that arrow thing trinket.

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    Also I can't see might(mastery) on your buffs, or maybe I;m just dumb and can't find it.
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    Ok thanks.
    I'm just not sure what I should prioritize now: should I first make sure I cap Exp and Hit and then reforge for the remaining stats? I always understood capping Exp and Hit was very important. I noticed how Wowreforge and Reforge Lite actually give different reforging advice even if I tell them both to prioritize Hit and Exp cap above the rest.

    For the rest, would you say my gemming and enchanting is ok? Just keep in mind that I didn't waste huge amounts of gold on getting Dancing Steel for my weapon since it's not that high quality. And I'm low on gold (can't find a way to make JC bring up lotsa gold like it did in Cata)

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