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    I think playing with bombs is bad.

    Minecraft has official become addicting. This stuff is fun as hell.

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    How bad did that lag?

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    Probably he cant reply because his comp overheated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhatGibbz View Post
    How bad did that lag?
    Some of the explosives in mods actually don't lag as much as stacking huge amounts of TNT does in vanilla, for some reason.

    I set off 11 nukes on my tekkit server and surprisingly, it didn't crash

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    looks like dividing by 0 in minecraft

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    trees with no leaves?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhatGibbz View Post
    How bad did that lag?
    As stated already there is virtually no lag, the explosive mods usually destroy the blocks toy would pick up and the don't tend to throw stuff like sand about.

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    my boyfriend enjoys doing things like that i'll be exploring our map looking for somewhere and BAM a giant hole in the ground >.>

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    That looks like to much fun

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    Well if you blow half the world then its probably a problem just saying. Its not like i made a town out of TNT or anything and then blew up haha.

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    Did you crash trying to do this?

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    I did similar hole using my very poor PC (single core processor, 512MB graphics card and 2GB of DDR2 RAM) - the game didn't crash, but it lagged as hell for a few minutes.

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    I did similar, my game froze for a second and came back. That wasn't the problem though, the problem was the lone block of TNT that landed right next to me.

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    This sounds like in-game griefing taken to an entirely new level.
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    wow..... was that TnT or a mod?

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    Quote Originally Posted by russweis View Post
    wow..... was that TnT or a mod?

    Looks like it was part of the voltz mod pack.

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    My computer would of probably crashed

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