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    Question about Shadowmourne... (LOREWISE)

    Lorewise speaking... Is Shadowmourne as strong as FrostMourne?
    Lich King is ofc stronger than our character... But the weapon itself...

    1) We fed it souls
    2) We faced the strongest villians in Azeroth to Empower it (FrostWyrm, Blood_Queen, Mad Scientist)
    3) Created from BLOOD OF AN OLD GOD and ol' chaps hilt

    What do you guys think?
    If it's not as strong... Does it have potential to become as strong?

    I'm saying no. Frostmourne basically enslaves anyone who wields it
    Shadowmourne does the same thing... Mograine warns that this weapon might change your very being... Even LK whisps to you via it.
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    Bloodmourne is strongest. D:
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    I like axes better, but Frostmourne is Frostmourne. It has fed on more souls than Shadowmourne ever could.
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    I'm saying no.

    Frostmourne basically enslaves anyone who wields it doesn't it (been years since I played War3 so may not be accurate)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nulir View Post
    I'm saying no.

    Frostmourne basically enslaves anyone who wields it doesn't it (been years since I played War3 so may not be accurate)
    forgive me if im wrong... but shadowmourne does the same thing :P
    That's what Mograine said... It eats on user's soul... and more than that... Lich King speaks to you via it
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    Frostmourne actually has a consciousness of its own and is in fact a Burning Legion artifact. Shadowmourne is powerful, but Frostmourne was an artifact of tremendous might. It took the full force of the Ashbringer to destroy Frostmourne.

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    No it isn't since Frostmourne absorbed more souls than Shadowmourne, but it has the same (almost infinite) potential as Frostmourne.

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    Short answer: Frostmourne is Stronger
    Long Answer: Frostmourne had fed on about 100x more souls and is an artifact of the burning legion, no it is not weaker than shadowlolmourne

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    frostmourne was imbued with conciousness the only reason the lich king can communicate through shadowmourne is due to the player having empowered it with 1000 souls (the lich king is the ruler of the dead, and can therefore speak through those souls), shadowmourne is simply a weapon that has the same basic potential as frostmourne, but will never be a weapon as powerful due to the way in which the 2 were forged, but it can still corrupt the wielder in the same way.

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    Lobstmourne feeds on both weapons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoodacz View Post
    2) We faced the strongest villians in Azeroth to Empower it (...Mad Scientist)
    No comment.

    Quote Originally Posted by Photek View Post
    Lobstmourne feeds on both weapons.
    Dustbringer feeds on lobstmourne!
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    just so ya know, all rune weps (axes/sword/etc) feed on the users soul, this is backed up by both thassarian and koltira in their respective quests in dragonblight and icecrown (and if i remember their was an old quest in EPL which explains it)

    also i'd wager frostmourne is more powerful since it was crafted by dreadlords, along with the rest of Ner'zhuls prison armor, for the sole purpose of claiming souls (and raising people into undead)

    whereas Shadowmourne is a rune-axe which was created for the purpose of killing the lich king and his army, but doesnt instantly make you go 'Arthas' on your friends

    imo Shadowmourne is Frostmourne-lite

    edit: all SCOURGE runeblades feed on users soul (just remembered that felo'melorn was a runeblade =P)
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    Lorewise Frostmourne and Shadowmourne are sister weapons crafter in almost exactly same way. They also work the same way by growing in power with every soul they claim for their own. The difference between Frostmourne and Shadowmourne however is that Frostmourne had a distinct advantage in number of souls it claimed over the years, not just in quantity however but in quality as well. Frostmourne claimed such souls as Mal'Ganis, Terenas, Uther, Sylvanas, perhaps even part of Illidan's soul as well along with thousands upon thousands of warriors and wizards of all races that fell before Arthas and his mighty march of the damned. Not to forget that Frostmourne possesed part of Ner'zhul's very soul as well, where before that he felt his perception, mental and magical powers expanded thousands times his own turning him into primal Lich King.

    Perhaps not of importance but Frostmourne very design may be of advantage compared to that of Shadowmourne. Frostmourne was crafted by demons of Natherizm and only they know what powerful demonic bars they used. Perhaps the alloy they used to craft Frostmourne could be the very essence of Twisting Nether! Darkness of cosmos itself! If so then Titans knows what congential might that blade posses. Perhaps this is why Frostmourne needs only a single strike to claim an entire soul where Shadowmourne claims only fragments of it with each blow. Perhaps this is why only Ashbringer, the mightiest blade known to all paladins, was capable of destroying Frostmourne, for we should never forget that Ashbringer was built upon a mysterious dark crystal that originated from Draenor, and we all know what Draenor is today... twisted wretched leftover of demonic corruption!

    All of this would indicate that Shadowmourne has no chance agianst his elder sister blade, but perhaps in due time when Shadowmourne claims enough powerful souls it may stand a chance agianst Frostmourne.

    Only time will tell...
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    Frostmourne, like the Lich King armor, wispers to the user. Its a direct link to the power of the fallen shaman Nerzhul. So i'd say no, Shadowmourne is not as strong as Frostmourne. Or else you'd be able to do much more then what you can with it.

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    I think they're equal in terms of power to be honest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuragalolz View Post
    No it isn't since Frostmourne absorbed more souls than Shadowmourne, but it has the same (almost infinite) potential as Frostmourne.
    This. The more souls Shadowmourne devours, the stronger it will become. So far Shadowmourne has only fed on the souls of the evil, unlike Frostmourne. That might make it less powerful than Frostmourne was, but I suspect it would also take away Frostmourne's weakness towards weapons of the Light like Ashbringer - the souls within Frostmourne hunger for the Light and freedom, while the wicked souls in Shadowmourne would shrink away from it. I doubt Shadowmourne would have shattered against Ashbringer without legions of innocent souls straining within it to be free and embrace the Light.

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