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    Elite Killables + Vanity Items?

    Hey guys, i've been farming a lot of heroic dungeons for the past few days and to keep my self entertained between dungeons i've been flying around Pandaria looking for cool things, i've found loads but the ones that interest me most are the elites i rarely find that are killable and drop a certain items.

    So i thought i would start a thread on these elites, to share what ive found and for you to share what you have found.

    So far i have found.


    He is located between Townlong Steppes and Dreadwastes, above Rikkitun village in the water where the river spreads into the ocean, Gokk'Lok
    is a level 91 Giant Clam and he has 16.3m Health points, while fighting him he summons progressively harder adds to help, when you kill him you get a quest
    and when you hand this quest in you get a vanity item named Gokk'loks Shell, when used your clothing is removed and a Clam shell forms around you,
    your character become rather shy.

    Huggalon The Heart Watcher

    Huggalon is reputed to be the missing fifth boss from Vault of Archavon and is a level 92 Elite with 4.2m Health Points, he is located within an off-branch of the caves under Niuzao Temple, he is soloable and once killed drops a "B.F.F. Necklace" it has a 24 hour cool down and is usable on a friend to make them your Best Friend Forever! or for a day atleast!

    Note: The Necklace only drops for the player who loots Huggalon, therefor it is advisable to solo him if you want it.


    Pengsong is a giant yak! He is a level 90 elite with 3.2m Health Points and it located just to the west of Soggy's Gamble in Dreadwastes, he has 2 main abilities, these are Charge and Unstable Serum which stuns all nearby enemies for 5 seconds, once killed he drops a Tuft Of Yak Fur, this is a usable item and summons a ridable Giant Yak, this is according to the tooltip a very, VERY fast mount and is only usable outdoors in the Dreadwastes, the tooltip also contains an easter egg saying "It's So Fluffy!" a reference to the film Despicable Me.

    These are what i have found in the last 3 days, i was going to include the giant crabs but since the only reward for killing them is a crappy fist weapon i left them out!

    Please share any similar elites or cool things below!
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