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    Post Rate your Top Games of 2015

    The year's (almost) over folks! Well, it's over for gaming already (no more major releases from here on out until next year). So let's rate our top games of 2015!

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    I don't think I've played any games from this year yet. I'm usually a year late on games because I wait 'til 50%+ off sales on Steam. I'm looking forward to Tomb Raider that came out this year, when it comes to pc.

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    The Witcher 3 - 10/10, superb, should play if you didn't.
    MGSV - 9.5/10, awesome, should play if you didn't.
    GTA5 - 9.5/10, awesome, should play if you didn't.
    Pillars of Eternity - 9.5/10, awesome, should play if you didn't.
    Cities: Skylines - 9/10, a pleasant surprise and a way better city sim than Sim City. Totally should play if you didn't.
    Dying Light - 8.5/10, very good, should play if you didn't.
    Mad Max - 8.5/10, very good, should play if you didn't.
    Heroes of Might and Magic 7 - 6/10, average, not worth full price, should wait for discounts if you want to try it.
    Just Cause 3 - 6/10, average, not worth full price, should wait for discounts if you want to try it.
    Fallout 4 - 4/10, meh, if I were you I'd just spend 60$ on something else.
    Hatred - 2/10, very strange game, I'd better play something else if I were you.
    Batman: Arkham Knight 1/10, totally fail, a spit in gamers' faces.

    Pretty much all I've played in this year.
    I did not touched remasters, remakes, and all that money ripping stuff, because that is usually universally 1/10 for me.
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    Witcher 3's the only game worthy of note from me and I'd easily rate that 10/10.

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    Nothing has released this year that I'll remember for years to come.

    Probably Tomb Raider if it had a PC release. :/ Absolutely loved the first reboot.

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    Bloodborne gets the top spot for me honorable mentions would be

    Metal gear 5, Dying Light and Witcher 3 even though I wasnt huge on the combat. The story/characters were too strong to not get a mention.

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    Witcher 3 - Very good game with hours of content, awesome dlc expansion too.

    Dying light - Best zombie survival mixed with parkour and overall a very fun experience.

    Divinity original sin, Enhanced edition - Divinity original sin was my 2014 top game of the year, so the enhanced version brought back a lot of fun hours for me.

    Star Wars Battlefront 3 - Have this on ps4, while it can get a bit frustrating at times, i find it very immersive and graphically impressive and overall a better fps experience for me compared with other competitors.

    Mortal Kombat X - Was a fun experience, with a lot of nice combos and x-rays. Online play is another matter though.

    My worst list:

    Bloodborne - I hate this game. Nuff said.

    Game of thrones, Telltale games - The only reason this made the list is because of the stupidly long wait for the last episode to be released.

    The Crew - A bland experience, with pay to win access to the best cars.

    Other than those experiences, I've mostly played Smite, Swtor and Hearthstone.

    As for next year, looking foward to Dragon's Dogmaark Arisen pc release.
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    Pillars of Eternity, 9/10

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, 9/10

    Until Dawn, 9/10

    Mad Max, 8/10

    Cities: Skylines, 8/10

    Shadowrun: Hong Kong, 8/10

    Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, 8/10

    Undertale, 8/10

    Fallout 4, 7/10

    Batman: Arkham Knight, 7/10

    Her Story, 7/10

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    I liked the Witcher 3 (9/10), Fallout 4 (8/10), and Life is Strange (7.8/10), if the ending wasn't that ending maybe (8.5/10). I'm thinking I might pick up Pillars of Eternity when it goes on sale. I also want the new Tomb Raider when it comes out for PC.
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    Bloodborne(PS4)- 9.5/10
    Witcher 3(PC)- 9/10
    Xenoblade Chronicles X(Wii U)- 9/10
    Splatoon(Wii U)- 8.5/10
    Super Mario Maker(Wii U)- 8/10
    Rise of the Tomb Raider(Xbox One)- 8/10
    Assassins Creed Syndicate(PS4)- 8/10
    Fallout 4(PC)- 7.5/10
    Metal Gear Solid V(PS4): The Phantom Pain- 7/10
    Mad Max(PC)- 7/10
    Batman Arkham Knight(PS4)- 7/10

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    bloodborne 9/10 , not many weapons but the few they did have were fun, looking forward to dark souls 3.

    that's all i got this year.
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    I hate ratings but the best games I've played this year would include

    Dying Light (Probably my favorite gaming experience this year)
    Cities: Skyline
    Mad Max
    Destiny: Taken King
    Fallout 4

    Looking forward to hitting up next

    Dishonored Definitive
    Until Dawn
    Transformers: Devestation

    Biggest disappointments

    Rainbow Six: Siege

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    Undertale 10/10

    that game made me feel.

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    Witcher 3
    Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain
    Fallout 4
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    Too lazy to write anything about the games but my personal top 10 list:

    1. Bloodborne
    2. The Witcher 3
    3. Metal Gear Solid V
    4. Fallout 4
    5. Life is Strange
    6. Pillars of Eternity
    7. Splatoon
    8. Ori and the Blind Forest
    9. Until Dawn
    10. Super Mario Maker

    Seriously though, 2015 was amazing. If you didn't find a game to love then you weren't looking.

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    Witcher 3 is the top game for me this year. Put 90 hours into that easy before DLC came out and I ignored a huge chunk of sidequests once I got to 70% done with the story.

    Fallout 4 is really, I just don't know...boring. I love the elderscroll games but the fallout universe just doesn't keep me interested. The nothing but brown landscape is probably a part of it, literal garbage armor and weapons is another.

    I just bought Dragon Age Inquisition, I played Origins and 2 I think but I didn't remember much. The dragonagekeep thing that imported all of my stuff from PS3 and went back over the story was really cool. So far the only trouble I have with the game is deciding on a class ><.

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    Bloodborne with DLC 9.9/10 Love it

    MGSV 7/10 As a HUGE MGS fan the combat/gameplay is the only part that makes this score higher. Would the combat be worse I would rate it 5/10. For a MGS game it lacks so much and everyone know how shit chapter 2 is. Its not even finished. Replay missions? Save that after you actually finish the game. 2 bosses through the whole game you fight 4-5 times..
    The story wasnt really deep, it was pretty shallow and focused way too much to explain the virus. After a while you already knew how it worked and everything but they still keep on going.

    Its an unfinished game. Never been so disappointed in a while and thats because how much I loved the other games and this one wasnt even finished...

    Only games I played a lot it feels like this year. Havent started with Witcher 3 yet. Splatoon was fun and so on.
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    1. Witcher 3
    2. Rise of the Tomb Raider (Yes it was good)
    3. Fallout 4
    4. Assassins Creed : Syndicate
    5. Until Dawn

    Bloodborne sucks ass to me. sorry guys, it is repetitive and boring.
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    Witcher 3: 9/10. Awesome game all around.

    Fallout 4: 9/10. Again, awesome, even if it didn't live up to some people's best game of all time expectations.

    Life Is Strange: 8/10. Fantastic story, definitely has you feeling emotional upon completion.

    Tales From The Borderlands: 7/10. Good story, more lighthearted/fun than LIS.

    Telltale Game of Thrones: 7/10. Would have been 8 but the ending sucked. But the story was for the most part on par with the TV show.

    MGS V: 6/10. Fun game through Chapter 1, but Chapter 2 left a lot to be desired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -aiko- View Post
    Seriously though, 2015 was amazing. If you didn't find a game to love then you weren't looking.
    Pretty much, I even forgot about Until Dawn. 2015 was one of the best years in gaming ever IMO, 3rd only to 2001 and 1998 with an honorable mention to 2011 and 2013.

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