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    [H] Hyped 10 @ Tarren mill 10/16 HC

    Hyped is an experienced 10 man guild, which core root back to the early days of cataclysm. Before that most of us were in hardcore raiding guilds, doing up to +25 hrs a week.
    Real life just doesnt allow for that anymore for most of us, and as such we are prioritizing few, but efficient raids.

    Our aim and goal is to maintain a drama-free, fun and progressing guild.

    Raiddays are Wednesday, Sunday and Monday from 19:30 till 23:30 (on rare occasions we might extend up to 30 minutes)
    1 Tank
    - Prot Pala
    - Prot War
    - Guardian Druid

    1 Ranged DPS
    - Elemental shaman (good resto OS is huge plus)

    1 Melee DPS
    - Rogue
    - Feral DPS
    - WW Monk

    1 Healer
    - Resto druid
    - Resto shaman

    If you feel you have what it takes, then go to hyped.shivtr.com to apply or simply to get more information

    Alternatively you can whisper Amaaz, Tyransh or Teízuya.
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    Currently have a spot for a melee DPS aswell:

    - Rogue
    - Feral DPS
    - WW Monk

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