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    What would be in the improved Battle.net?

    A while ago some Diablo 3 strings were datamined about launching the game from the battle.net launcher. Ghostcrawler also speaks about this new feature that hasn't been announced yet.

    I keep coming back to this idea of battle.net become the outer layer of all the blizzard games. They wrap together the game launchers, the blizzard store, the forums, into this one overarching feature.

    I have always thought its stupid to lose your chats with people using real ID or battle tags when switching between characters. These chats should be at a battle.net level, so when I switch characters I can continue my chat logs. This also ties into this new battle.net layer having an better built in voice chat.

    Possibly this upper account layer would allow for cross-realm items like heirlooms.

    With Heart of the Swarm, I believe they are adding in the chat channels and clans? (I can't remember) But maybe that isn't just for SC2, maybe we can go back to the old battle.net days of having WC2/WC3/SC1/and D2 people all chillin in the same chat channel.

    I think I'm getting a bit off focus, I just see this integration known to be coming, and wonder what it will bring. And of course, some people would be like: is that it?

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    I think that's an interesting question. It also fits the definition of something that is truly a very big change from Blizzard's point-of-view that a lot of people would say "That's it?"
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