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    [Resto] PvP tips/play style for a newbie pvper?

    Hey, just starting to venture into the pvp world... Read the sticky guide (http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...esto-Pvp-Guide) and now I'm wondering if you guys have any guides/discussion posts about playstyle and overall tips for resto druid on 2' arena (started 2's with a geared up frost dk).

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    Make use of Symbiosis as a massive CD against Warriors and Mages. It's really really good and I've noticed a lot of Druids not using their symbiosis properly. (It's a stun break on a 3 minute CD. Generally a Mage will force trinket first deep, barkskin second, then kill on third - you have IBF which means you can rotate IBF/Bark/Trinket and become pretty much unkillable if you use 1 per deep and then displace the blanket CS)

    Make sure you're happy with the glyphs you've taken. (Barkskin / Lifebloom / Blooming generally). Make sure your DK is happy with your talent choices (for instance, I don't play Bash when I play with a Rogue/Mage/Warrior because of Stun DR).

    Watch Resto Druid streams and videos. Hotted makes some pretty good guides on YouTube. Drmayo (Mayopilot), Hotted, Sodah and a couple of other Rdruids stream quite frequently so keep an eye out for them.

    If you have any specific questions just reply here and I'll try and answer them.
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    Awesome help, thanks. Will certainly come back here and I get more games on.

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