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    [Balance] H Amber Shaper Burst Strat.

    As the title says, we've been playing around with the stack-high-in-P1-and-burst-during-scalpel strat. I'm looking for the optimal spell usage during that time.

    The main issue is the damage window is only around ~15 seconds long. Scalpel lasts for about 10s, and we have time during the reshape as well, which around 2.5, plus a bit of lag time in between and afterward before the shield goes up. This means our high burst cooldowns aren't as effective as they sound like they should be, since we'd need a full 30 second window to get the full effect.

    That amount of time isn't enough for the normal opener to be optimal. After trying many different things, the only thing left I can think of doing is hitting my NV/Inc and pot well before the scalpel, precasting Starfall just before scalpel, throwing on one Eclipsed Moonfire, then spamming Starfire/Starsurge (on cd), only interrupting that to turn on CA once I leave Eclipse.

    Is the DPET of a non-Eclipsed Sunfire higher than an Eclipsed Starfire? Does Starfall's DPET drop enough to no longer be worth casting since a construct will be up during the burn window? Is even an Eclipsed Moonfire's DPET higher than an Eclipsed Starfire?

    Any other suggestions?

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    once bloodlust goes out i just pot, pop all 3 cooldowns at once, and YOLO usually pull about 35 mil since you should have lots of dots rolling on different targets for starsurges. usually you can get into solar with about 5 seconds on incarnation for some buffed dots, but, yes it does waste about 10 seconds of incarnation. not much you can do about it with that strat.

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