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    Quote Originally Posted by Reith View Post
    Well I did propose a change for Devotion Aura instead of Hand of Sacrifice here:
    Answered there about it, Reith:
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    Just a quick brainstorm on a Ret raidwide buff.

    Eye for an Eye
    - Desperate to turn the tide of an enemy onslaught, the paladin seeks retribution for the wounds of his allies. He causes the next X amount of enemy spells/attacks to be stored up and added on to his allies' attacks as holy damage over 10 seconds. Damage stored is capped at the Paladin's max health.

    What this does is basically give everyone an AOE "touch of karma" type of effect, or even works a bit like a reverse "stagger" of a brewmaster tank. The damage this "censure" does is based on how much damage they last received over the past 5 attacks. It's meant to play into the "Retribution" and Eye for an Eye concept.

    Example, 2 RBG teams are duking it out in the field. When the Ret casts this,
    - If one of his teammates got 200K damage in the last few hits, their attacks will now cast a "censure"-like DOT on the enemy that ticks of 20K per second.
    - Alternate version 1: Counts damage taken over the past X seconds rather than the next X attacks/spells
    - Alternate version 2: Must be cast in a AOE reticule circle and only the allies in side that will receive the buff. Should be about the size of a Light's Hammer.
    - Can be countered by the opposing team spreading damage instead of tunnelling
    - I'm not sure Everyone on his team takes damage normally, or if they get a mild damage absorb or reduction (20% or something).
    - Has some PVE ramifications which could help (Ret's damage is low-end there as well), and would resemble a "Stormlash totem" effect albeit as a DOT instead.

    Basically I want it to give a wide amount of "retribution/revenging" damage to his team mates. Honestly I'm of the opinion the monk's "touch of karma" should have been a Ret ability anyway, but whatever. Shamans already hate them for Storm Earth and Fire :P

    The numbers/duration can be tweaked, just wanted to see if this concept would give ret some RBG attention.

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