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    need a 3v3 comp suggestion for 5.2

    So I will be playing 3s arena with two of my friends next season. They play sub rogue and holy Paladin. What 3rd class do you think will create a strong comp, bearing in mind the changes in 5.2.

    We want to play somewhat competitively but we don't expect to get glad or anything really high.

    Basically, if you could suggest what class would work well with a sub rogue and hpally in 3s arena, I would appreciate your opinions. It would be even better if you gave reasons why

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    Okay, there's a couple that do really well.. a couple that are playable to a high rating and a couple that are just fun, but nearly every class can fit in that comp. Even a Ret Paladin could probably play along side a Hpala and Rogue next season and do well. I'll list them in order of how good I think they will be.

    Spriest / Rogue / Hpala - Talbadar Cleave. Already a strong comp. Way better with a Resto Shaman but will still be pretty damn strong next patch regardless. Spriest can MD a lot of the CC a pala eats and can't avoid. Really strong Hpala healing can keep a rogue up vs cleaves. (BoP is really good for Rogues too in MoP).

    WW Monk / Rogue / Hpala - No name but disgusting pressure due to monk damage and rogue's ability to completely lock down 2 people. This is probably going to be the 'new' melee cleave in 5.2 and I forsee it being top tier for sure.

    Hunter / Rogue / Hpala - Thugcleave. Disgusting opener and if powershot is properly fixed for 5.2 this will be crazy good up until Powershot gets nerfed. (If powershot is fixed, it'll get nerfed solely because of this comp. A reliable 150k+ crit on opener isn't fun for anyone).

    Moonkin / Rogue / Hpala - "Dancing with the Stars". Really super fun comp. Disgusting Moonkin damage + vortex + beam + bomb + stuns + rogue damage is a comp for success. May not be good at 2400+, but is good fun up until then.

    DK / Rogue / Hpala - No name again but a lot of damage and the perfect cleave for training healers. It has always been an 'okay' team for both Rogues and DKs to play but DKs last season played trip dps or PHDK and Rogues played RLS.. so not many dk/rogue/x teams were seen. I think someone played it in a tourny.

    Mage / Rogue / Hpala - RMPala. Not as good as previous seasons but I imagine it will still be some what playable. Depends if you're any good at Mage.

    Warr / Rogue / Hpala - cleave hard cleave fast. instagib in a bomb or lose cause yolo.

    Other comps:
    - Enh/Rogue which is pretty bad.
    - Feral/Rogue which is good but losing a lot of CC in 5.2, might still be playable.
    - Ele/Rogue which I've seen before but meh, doesn't seem great.
    - Lock/Rogue, literally have no idea how it'll play out in 5.2. It'll probably get run at high rating because a lot of Rogues+Locks like playing together. Spriest/Rogue will be superior though.

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    Thanks for the fast and thorough reply!

    This really helped me narrow down my choices. For WW monk comp, what do you think about the DR on rogue and monk stuns.
    And with the few nerfs to spriest in 5.2, does it change the playstyle and strength of that comp?
    Unholy DK will be played a lot more next patch, but for that comp, I'm guessing frost is best?
    Lastly, I am not experienced with wow arenas, but I learn PvP very quickly. Do any of these comps lend to a more beginner friendly team?

    Thanks for the help!

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    None of them are beginner friendly in comparison to some of the comps out there. SP/Rogue is probably the hardest of the 3 to grasp, as it's very much dependent on good timed swaps and your rogue peeling for the priest until he's got orbs.

    Out of WWMonk/Rogue and DK/Rogue it really depends. Both cleaves will be doing roughly the same thing every game and they'll play very similar. On the one hand, you've got Monk which is pretty easy to play but is a brand new class... so there is 0 guides for it, and no high rated players to take tips from or get advice from. But on the other hand, you've got DK which is harder to play but has more guides. DK has a place in RBGs whereas Monk doesn't. Monk will probably be better in 2s and 3s. There is pro's and con's of both and it's up to you.

    Frost vs Unholy, I'm not sure. Frost is normally better for Dk/Rogue, but Unholy is doing really good damage atm so I'm not sure. I imagine both specs could work.

    Regarding DRs. A lot of Monk / Rogue / Pala CC is on the same DR tree. Rep / Blind / Paralysis / Blinding Light. HoJ / Kidney / Cheap / Leg Sweep. This is normally a problem for comps as they don't want CC DR'ing on the healer. As Monk/Rogue you'll find yourself training healers more often than not so it's not so much of an issue. You'll be able to set up double CC on the DPS pretty easily and train the healer into the ground forcing CD after CD with freedoms from the Pala.

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    Good to know! Monk/Rogue seems like a lot of fun, but will take some more practice to sort out strategy and CCs, so I am considering that. I have been playing my hunter lately, and feel like Thugcleave might be easier for me to get the hang of and still perform well. Of the two of those, it probably comes down to my skill level with each.
    As far as 5.2 adjustments, hunters dont seem to be changing much, and it looks like they are still tweaking monks.
    If anyone else has some advice or opinions on this rogue/hpally/x comp, that would be great. Thanks for your posts iWolfBanei!

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    I can talk a little bit about the DK end...

    Frost is good for upfront damage and quick swaps. That would work well with smokebomb and swaps to healers, etc. The problem with frost is a survivability point because they lose so much more than unholy when turtling. However, it may not be a problem if the rogue is peeling because DKs have problems with melee trains and rogues are good at peeling melee. Unholy would be good though to play like the old days of RLS and the DK just dots up everything in site and is dropping necros everywhere and the rogue just goes onto whatever looks like a good target at the time. The DK will be a lot harder to kill and will do decent damage. Skill cap of that comp will be low because you won't use much CC. (DK has almost none and rogue CC would not work well with all the dots outside of blind glyph into sap.) Bonus of that comp is the smokebomb switches would be insane because the rogue and DK would get ready to put up a huge necro stack in a bomb while the rogue is dancing and you could grip your target into the bomb to do so. That way when they get out of the bomb not only would they have eaten a lot of damage, but the healing deficit would be close to 250K which would make a kill likely. You can do that kind of thing every dance or bomb.

    Unholy DK will be a fun comp with rogue because of the way the comp will play. Frost DK will have insane burst but the rogue will spend a lot of time either peeling for the DK or trying to kite themselves.

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    DK looked like it was getting some good buffs next patch. The reason I was nervous to try out Frost DK, was the fact that they get trained and I hear staying alive through that can be difficult. Unholy on the other hand, sounds like it would be a lot of fun, although I imagine the skill required to make it work well is a lot. As of now im on the fence with WW Monk, BM Hunter, and Unholy DK. Im playing some of them now to get a feel for their strengths and if they fit my playstyle.

    Thanks for all the advice and help. I figure any of choices will be a lot of fun, but finding a strong comp that I can progressively get better at is going to be awesome.

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    It really depends on how experienced you are. What classes/comps have you played before and to what ratings?

    Mage/Rogue/Pala - good strong comp, you'll have heaps of fun playing this comp.

    DK or Monk/Rogue/Pala - good fun melee cleave - DK is probably easier to play well.

    Hunter/Rogue/Pala - Extremely strong comp if the hunter is decent. Blow up stuff in the opening minute. I would only recommend this if you're a very very good hunter because a lot of the games will rely on you controlling the game and being amazing at locking down targets with traps, silences, pets abilities etc.

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    I am the rogue that the OP will be playing with in 3's. He doesn't have any prior arena experience, but he is a fast learner and has pvp experience in other MMO's similar to WoW. The highest I have played was this season in 3's on my warrior, but I know I am capable of playing at decently high ratings on my rogue. My rogue has always been my main since the beginning of BC until the beginning of Cataclysm, but I stopped playing my rogue after going Horde and transferring servers until I recently leveled another one on the server my other characters are on. We are just trying to have fun and get as high as we can in the ratings. We don't expect to get Glad or anything close, but we would like to be as competitive as we can. He is trying to figure out which class he wants to play out of DK/Monk/Hunter, but he is having a hard time choosing one and sticking with it. What would be the best class for him to learn and get good at for us to do well in the future?

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    Just about to take the plunge. Team will be Destrolock, Spriest, and me on a holy pally.

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    Brakedance cleave! Monk, Rogue - healer!

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    I ended up running thugcleave. The opener is awesome, and I had some trouble playing my spriest well. Hunter is a lot of fun, and the playstyle is easier to understand. Monk I like, just find it difficult to do enough damage or get into rbgs...

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