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    Lightbulb Are gaming laptops good enough to substitute a PC?

    At this moment my lifestyle requires that I travel a lot, so getting a desktop is not an option for the time being. Since I'm going to be in this situation at least 2-3yrs and I'm fed with my old laptop I'm going to get a new one which allows me to play a little. The problem I'm having is that I'm not knowledgeable enough about the new stuff or the brands and I'd like a little help to get a recent computer with good enough specifications. Now I have two options, to get a budget laptop or to get a gaming laptop. I have never used a Laptop to play before and I'm not sure if its worth the investment? can anyone that plays on laptop comment?

    - Budget : around 1700USD (stretching, up to 2k)
    - Resolution: ideally 1920 X 1080, not mandatory.
    - Games / Settings Desired:The specific thing I'd like to add to the laptop I get is a Solid State Drive, provided the system has an i7 and a RAM with at least 8GB. I'd play basically WoW and LoL, and eventually Skyrim, Mass Effect 3 and a few RPGs.
    - Any other intensive software or special things you do (Frequent video encoding, 3D modeling, etc): Nothing special
    - Country: Several. I'm based in China at the moment, but I intend to get the laptop at Canada.
    - Parts that can be reused: None
    - Do you need an OS?: I guess it has to be w8 because I want a recent computer. Not mandatory (IYKWIM :P)
    - Do you need peripherals: mouse/headset maybe keyboard

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    xoticpc.com is a good place to look

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    They have a few models you might like.
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    Screen size isn't determinant... If I had to pick I'd say 17"

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    No, a laptop can never replace a desktop. Especially not in a price/performance match-up. But seeing as desktop isn't an option, you're left with no alternative.

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    1700 - 2000 should be fine. I've got an Asus 17" for when I have to travel. WoW and SWTOR both played at highest settings last time I was using it (December).

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