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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovan View Post
    You've got to be kidding me.
    Basically this. I love stampede. As any spec. 5man dungeon with no warlock/assa rogue? Stampede brings out my dragon hawk for better explosives. No warrior or feral druid? Wolf. It's awesome. For any spec.
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    I think it's fun. The only downside is it seems to occasionally causes some lag for my raid in 25M's. But I really enjoyed it's versatility during challenge modes of being able to adjust to my CM group's terrible comp by filling my stable with all of our missing buffs/debuffs. Then stampede became a massively powerful cooldown. Very nice for burning down the last boss in Brewery specifically before the beams become anything even close to a problem.

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    No. simply because this game is for millions of people and not a "I wish this ability did exactly this and that!"
    If something is buggy/broken, then yes, come up with it, discuss it, thats okey.
    but stop complaining about everything that doesn't exactly suite your personal preferance, its a game, not a wishing well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptUntsAhts View Post
    Pet dying? Cast mend pet. Also, pets take reduced aoe damage... like 90%, so they really shouldn't be dying. Also, stampede is a pretty sick cooldown. It's a lot of damage.
    If you want BM to be less brainless, that's a rotation thing, not a cooldown thing.
    pretty sure thats only tank specced pets, ferocity/cunning dont have this

    edit: actually just checked and every pet spec has it but its worded as if the pet only takes 90% less aoe damage from npc mobs =\
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    fucking hate stampede.

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    Stampede has a 193% chance to taunt the tanks current target, at least according to every 5 man I have seen with a hunter. Blizzard got wind that one lvl 83 Hunter once entered Nexus and turned growl off. WE MUST ENSURE PET TAUNTING. Stampede was born.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Getreuer View Post
    I like it. It is refreshing and unique. However it could be revamped to just be a talent for BM. That would make sense.

    BM: summon more pets (stampede as we know it)
    MM: shoot more arrows for x-amount of time or you equip a super-celestial-speciel bow that does some crazy thing for x-amount of time
    SV: shit some magic out of the bow or get a new trap that does something cool
    SV could replace all your arrows/shots to snakes. They could stack up on enemy model, like a Huntsman arrows from teamfortress2
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    Stampede, 2min CD, Summon all your pets and make them charge your target, every pet hit one time for 75% damage.
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    @whoever said about your pet shouldnt be dying

    If you ever play against caster cleaves they will dot your pet and the second its at 50% health they will channel all their attacks into it and cc you or your healer and mend pet doesnt really help.

    and dks howling blast just doesnt help either.

    Basically what im saying is I would rather it be revamped for mm.

    Sure it brings short term buffs, awesome. That sure was a game changer against that spell cleave.

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