Cult is looking for a few more raiders to bolster our roster for all T14/T15 raids.

We are currently looking for:

1 Fury Warrior
1 Warlock (Any Spec)

Applicants must be ilvl 485 or higher.

These are not bench spots. If you apply, expect to receive a full-time raiding position.

If your class/spec is not listed above and you feel you are an exceptional applicant, feel free to post an application!

Who Are We?

Cult is a late-night raiding guild on Area 52 – US. Although we have only been raiding since Burning Crusade, the majority of the guild has been playing and raiding end-game content since day one and Molten Core. We are a fun, mature guild…although that means “mature” in that we are an 18+ guild and our guild chat is dirtier than Gordon Ramsay with tourettes…rolling around in mud.

In all seriousness, we love to just have fun with the game and not take it entirely too seriously although we demand focus, attention and a high level of performance during raids. We do not raid hardcore hours (with only 9 hours of 10-man raids per week) but we play hard during those hours.

Our Raid Times:

10-man raids: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 12am (Server time) start to 3am.

What We Expect From Applicants

We have no solid gear requirement but we would like AT LEAST item level 470 equipped(non pvp). Having the best possible enchants and gems in your gear shows you care about playing at a high level and we will take your application more seriously. Of course, bare in mind that skill and overall knowledge of your class greatly outweighs what gear you have equipped.

If your class is capable of dual talent specialization, we expect you to be adequate at filling your class' alternate role.

We also expect applicants to fill out our application form at in full and to answer all questions to the best of their abilities. Taking the application process seriously will let us take you seriously.

We use a /roll loot system for 10 man raids.

To apply, fill out the form at: and make a new post with your application.

Please fill in all applicable fields so we have a better understanding of you and your toon. If you have any questions, contact one of these officer's Glorion (Tankbot#1142), Colliebudzz or Barbalion in game by sending tells or sending an in-game mail. You could also just whisper any member of Cult and they will direct you to an officer.