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    im combat and i have super low damage, not sure what im doing wrong

    hi, as the title states, im a combat speced rogue, and i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong, but my damage is super low, and no matter what i do i cant seem to get my damage up

    it wont let me link my armory or logs so ill try putting them in a second post

    Plz help! much appreciated

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    character name is meìr (the i is an alt code 0236) on mug'thol -us

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    heres some logs - http://http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/6q3kPcpxbH4YCaW9
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    i didnt got into much reading and analysis but when i see uptime on slice and dice to average between 25%-80% its bad.
    also is it me or the other rogue didnt use it at all????????

    uptime on snd must be 99%+ no excuse about it.also the other rogue has higher dmg cause hes whoring with blabe flurry.
    get weak auras/tellmewhen or whatever addon for tracking buffs cause u wont go nowhere with those logs.

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    You have pretty low haste for your gear level but your main issue is that 1 you arent using killing spree AT all. and 2 you only have 4 casts of adrenaline rush and shadow blades on your siegecrafter kill. looking at my logs for heroic malkorok which i think is a fight we should do about the same on although i do clear orbs on CoS cooldown i dont know if you do that as well. Our fight lengths were about 15 seconds apart mine taking longer, I had 44 eviscerates to your 24, I also had 6 casts of AR/SB and you had 4 on that fight you did use killing spree but only 3 times and i used it 7. A lot of it has to do with you not having a whole ton of haste but its mainly you are not using your cooldowns. You need to be using KS before your AR/SB so that you can use it again after. good luck
    Edit: I have you at 95% uptime on SND on the fights i directly compared myself to you and about 92% on siegecrafter kill although not perfect there i dont think thats your main issue.

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    biggest issue is you seem to save cooldowns for some reason, as combat you dont rly want to delay your KS (on sha of pride you used it once???) and SB+AR. You can save them for a few seconds when insight is gonna go up or expecting a trinket procc or something but other than that just use them on cooldown.

    use killing spree (with s&d & rvs up!) -> use sb+ar -> ks off cd again, repeat

    other than that: dont forget bladeflurry when theres more targets and your guild tactics allow it (not talking about klaxxi). Your BF uptime on galakras hc was 4.42%, that is low.

    that + replacing some of that pvp gear and getting the legendary cloak should fix the majority of your dps issues

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    Why 4/4 upgrade tier chest over MH weapon?

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    um, i guess i wasnt thinking when upgrading, just trying to get my bis pieces upgraded with the little bit of valor i had

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    Of all the things I see in your log, the one that confuses me most and hasn't been responded to is this.

    It seems like you're prioritizing rupture over evis (which is OK if the mob will survive the entire time)... except that you're probably also clipping it (100% uptime while you're alive), not using every CD available (the prime advantage of rupture being a lower energy cost), and struggling with anything else at all in combat or the fight encounter means rupture is the first thing you should drop from your rotation. If you have anything at all else to focus on you're having a hard time with, go ruptureless; rupture is close to a 1% damage increase done properly.

    To clarify further, rupture should outdamage evis per cast on average, but you've got significantly more rupture casts to evis casts, and it's still behind -- you're misusing it entirely, somewhere.
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    mmk, ill try that and update next week with my results, ty much

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    I went to raidbots and checked an Iron juggernaut log because I find it easier to read those and I'm not that good at reading logs from warcraftlogs.com. Besides the things mentioned your cooldown usage is very low and I'm fairly confident this your biggest dps sink, combat rogues don't have great steady dps but we do have great bursts of dps.

    Your latest log from Iron Juggernaut shows your cd usage like this:


    This is what it should roughly look like:


    To clarify on the [ar+sb+ks] part, it is a dps gain to cast ks during ar+sb but not during just ar, a big reason behind this is probably that you won't delay your cds as much compared to ks outside of ar+sb.

    I wouldn't recommend stacking all three on pull however or stacking them when ks comes off cd same time as ar+sb, but you can see that in my example.

    Umm I dunno how I missed all the posts above me mentioning cooldown problems, but I managed it somehow
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