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    I can't believe there are rogues that don't like our CM set! I feel our set fits the theme of rogues AND the expansion, which I was pretty impressed by. I've been a huge fan of the constant black smoke since the Netherblade shoulders, and having it pour out of our face mask was just icing on the cake for me. Before I got the set I was just obsessed with it, I don't think I'll ever mog out of it really. It just sucks that the proc doesn't work outside of mutilate since I'm stuck in combat.

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    I hate it. Since it doesn't proc from sub.
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    some day it might work T.T

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    i refused to play any other class in CM then my rogue, best set if u ask me love the smoke and smokey effects in fight not to mention u can suprise people with a /roar
    got the set using it and loving it

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