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    Okay, how the frak do I get Yaungolian Barbecue?


    It's the last one my friends and i need for the meta... we really want the keg.... but ugh! It's so hard to get.

    I'm not sure what we're doing wrong. We've ran it 30+ times. Every time we make sure, SURE, that no fire is getting anywhere. We fight the boss away from the village and make sure he is never facing it.

    We usually split up and go to the North, the docks/bridge, and the Ancient passage. Nothing EVER gets close to the city...

    We've tried other things too, just to see if SOMETHING would activate it, but we're just not getting it.

    Also, I heard you were supposed to interrupt Fire Line, but it's got that Shield Symbol around it that says it is un-interruptable? What's with that?
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    I had some trouble with this one also. Our group was always successful at not allowing the Yaungol to light the village on fire, but we seemingly never got the achievement.

    When we finally earned it, we did everything the same as you (ensure that no fire is throw onto the village), but when the boss came we engaged him immediately where he spawned and pulled him onto the lake. You should be able to walk on water still when going over there.

    Also, be sure to stun/disorient him when he casts his Fireline spell. I can't confirm or deny this has anything to do with it, but on our attempt that gave the achievement to us were didn't allow him to get one off. It can't be interrupted like a spell can, as you've said, but he can be stunned and disoriented (we used Combustion and Dragon's Breath)

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    It's not the boss that sets the village on fire, it's the Yaungol Mobs. They will firebomb any building they get close to, and somtimes they will just run past you and the defenders to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netherspark View Post
    It's not the boss that sets the village on fire, it's the Yaungol Mobs.
    Its both. You have to make sure either one doesnt get through.

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    this was the first scenario I did and got it, dont ask me how dont know myslef

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palisis View Post
    Its both. You have to make sure either one doesnt get through.
    This is correct. It is both actually, if you are trying to do this in a random group it may be a little tough with people that don't listen.

    Best advice I can give is after you kill each of the three bosses find out which defense you have (I find the fireworks being the easiest, just place one at each entrance and it destroys all mobs) tell each person to take an entrance into the city and guard it, don't leave you spot. Don't let any of them past you at all as long as no one is AFK'ing through this, it's not hard. When the final boss comes out, DO NOT WAIT FOR HIM TO COME TO YOU. Mount up/speed boost straight to him and catch him on the path. Fight him right there and FACE HIM AWAY from the city and the other two people should also get behind him and face away from the city. If he does "Fire Line" or whatever it's called toward the city he will set it on fire no matter how far away you are. I hope this helps some, as I am terrible at explaining things.

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    I got it the 2nd or 3rd time I did the scenario..
    Atleast 2 out of 3 times I run it, I see one of the others get the achivement, so I won't all it hard to get..

    Just focus on the fire-dudes (one in each pack), and you can't miss it..
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