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    Need help on heroic Elegon

    My guild got our first H Elegon kill last night and my dps was "ok", but i feel i should be doing more than i did.
    I do fine until we get to the orb phase (generally at 150-160k) after the orb/pylon phase i drop to 110k
    Here are my logs http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...?s=5181&e=5652
    Low envenom/rupture uptime (possibly due to orb phase).

    I feel its hard to keep up a rupture on elegon and get my orb down. I end up just auto attacking the boss and pooling energy for the orbs.
    Would it be worthwhile to spec into versatility for this fight?

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    I'm not checking your logs. Here's what I'll say:

    First, you COULD run sub on this fight.

    Second, are you a limiting reagant with spark? How many are you guys doing to?

    Don't be overly concerned with boss damage during that spark phase. Before first spark cast a high CP rupture on the boss. Feel free to rupture the first few sparks- the energy return will be helpful. We go to 6 sparks during the first and 5 during the second- I save vanish and my engineering gloves for the last spark in both cases. I DO run out of rupture on the boss, each and every time. If dispatch procs with my final mutilate on a spark, I will usually put it on the boss for a small rupture, depending. Obviously the ideal thing is to walk a dispatch into the spark, but that's not really possible until the later sparks.

    If you were killing all your sparks, dont sweat your boss damage there. Note that some classes will simply outperform you on the meter- affliction and arcane, for instance, are not only good at the fight in general (as are you) but also bring ludic amounts of power into the final phase. Your meager dispatch spam can't compete with whatever in living fuck affliction locks do for a living all hammering at once with a huge buff near the end, so keep in mind:

    And don't be surprised if a top ranked spec you beat in single target sustained tops you on this fight. You are still contributing admirably.

    I don't recommend versatility. Tell us your problem- did you fail to kill your spark several times, or are you concerned you were being carried on meter?

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    We kill 4-5 orbs and i have no problem killing them it just feels very awkward in that phase. I want to know if there are any tricks i could do to improve my damage on those parts of the fight.

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    You will do massive damage in the burn phase. The boss should be at 35% when you come back to it after the second pillar phase with 10-12 stacks of the dps. Make absolutely sure that you have all of your cooldowns ready and you are at max energy for the start of the phase (do not dump all of your energy on the adds unless your raid is really ebuffruggling but the ranged should be able to dust them off).

    Do not worry about your damage until the burn phase, or even overall damage. The most important damage is damage to the spark and damage during the burn phase.

    For the spark phases, try to keep Rupture up on the boss, otherwise, use no energy on the boss, just autoattack. Save your energy for the sparks, especially dispatch procs.

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    So, this is one of those fights where meters are skewed. Damage during the first and second phases, for instance, is important because you can't have too many adds as each one is an additional mechanic to deal with, but is weighed less. Meanwhile damage at the end appears way high on the charts. So you can't just trust a meter for overall contribution is my point (much like on Garalon, someone single targetting legs will appear amazing but isn't really helping, and on Rhylith someone on legs will appear terrible but is actually helping a lot).

    Anyway- what jt says is correct for contribution. You should be able to walk into the final phase with blades and vendetta. You can do more stacks than others (or take less damage with feint + elusiveness) during that burn as well. If you are an engineer, you can boots, and, if the boots are working, run out with feint on, then come right back and shadowstep to the boss and only lose a couple seconds for a clutch stack wipe. If your strat is straight burn, then putting up feint when the boss is about to die will help healing a bit.

    If you are serious about sparks, I can't say this enough- consider sub. Sub is actually really good for this fight.

    However, mutilate is great too. The early sparks you should have no problem rolling a rupture on the boss. If he's casting and sparks will appear and you are near max energy, consider pressing expose armor for a combo point and then rupturing. You have a lot less distance to pool from this than if you pressed mutilate, so you should be able to attack the spark with a full energy bar and a bit of venemous wounds procs empowering you. I rupture every spark but the last one with 1-2 CPs (the results of my rupture). I use vanish and engineering gloves on the final spark, but those two could be spread out if you are having problems. I keep step available because sometimes the guys to my sides could need help.

    If your rotation feels dorky because rupture falls- I think that is just part of the activity of taking out the timed sparks.

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    The above explain variations in damage during the encounter pretty well. If you're not ENDING at 110k DPS, I really wouldn't worry about it; if you're having trouble clearing charges, see advice ^^^.

    Ironically, if you're looking at "total" DPS you come ahead the farthest if everyone stops attacking during the burn phase >.>. This comes after all your cooldowns drop (lust ends, SB ends, vendetta ends, potion ends), but you're still getting +110% and +50% damage. One day I'll rank myself by making everyone prep healy buttons and stop DPS at 5% to let me solo it down while the stacks get ridiculously high, yessss. Realistically, both the warrior in your group and the warlock have "execute" mechanics and that'll cut into your end-burn "total" DPS as well. Everyone's damage should drop during charge/pillars except for warlocks and blood DKs and their ilk.

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